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Its been said that parallel time dimensions may be happening simultaneously at the same moment in a ripple effect. “The past, present and future are all one” as Einstein put it. Its hard to imagine that as we sit in our favorite lawn chair in our garden sipping iced tea, a dinosaur may be walking through us in a rain forest, mega sharks may be swimming in an ocean, a Native American village of tee pees may be standing in a circle, … and just like houses that attract like-minded people, so does the land carry energy and personality. Like = Like.
  • For instance, that party house down the street always seems to be swarming with police, no matter who moves in.
  • the house across the way may attract sickness or accidental death, even though its entirely new families moving in. Why?
  • the house to the East, where gardens flourish, seems to attract nurturers. Like = Like. It’s as if the land energy is choosing us.
  • Eons of historical events have left their mark in the energy of the land. So Intuitive Gardening is the art of “Reading your land” for messages, before forcing your will.
  • Intuitive gardening is compassionate gardening.
On a beautiful day alone, or with like-minded friends, lay Tarot, Runes or hold a Pendulum over the area you wish to garden. Ask questions that are relevant to your garden spirit. Again, whether you use tools, drums or channel alone, is not important. It is the act of reaching out to “know” your land. Questions you may ask are:
  • What is the energy of this earth spot?
  • What is the message and tone of your history?
  • Are you happy? Sad? Peaceful?
  • If you could tell me anything, what would it be?
  • Is it acceptable for me to plant here?
  • If I put representative statuary here, of what energy would you prefer it to “represent” in honor of you?


Is your garden speaking to you? Are you listening? Signs of garden spirit discontent are:

  • Quality plants die for no reason,despite perfect growing conditions.
  • Chimes fall from the hooks you anchor them, and new trees pop out of their growing supports as if running away.
  • Your legs feel heavy and you suddenly become tired.
  • Your garden tools fall apart.
  • Fights and bickering with loved ones erupt when close to your garden.


  • Increased Business and Money Flow
  • Tranquil Meditation Sanctuary experiences
  • Wonderful spiritual circles where people are drawn magnetically.
  • Healthy thriving plants, brilliant foliage colors
  • Your land spirit will resonate as an Ali protector to aid in bringing in creative friends.
  • Your garden Spirit purrs like a cat, in a silent call only you can hear. Experience the balance of your Alpha waves, and an invitation to use your garden as a blank canvas in which to create your life story to find peaceful resolve.
  • Garden Spirit does not walk up to you like a person, but fills your heart and soul. Visitors, whether plant savoy or not, will experience a shimmer, order, balance and power.


Ground Messages through Spiritual Tools: Before creating a mystical garden space, I use a deck of Tarot in the same way a water stick finds a well. Placing the cards on the ground I envision the meditation sanctuary, and channel the lands vital spiritual message. • Alone, or with wine and like minded friends, you may wish to use a quartz crystal pendulum for receiving and amplifying ground energy. • You may spread rune stones on a cloth above the chosen mystical meditation space for a message. • A ceremony honoring the earth, much in the way Native Americans gave thanks to the animals they hunt for food, shows honor to the ground. • You may choose to say a ceremony prayer such as, “Holy Goddess and Angels, mother of earth, mother of us all, guide my heart and mind as I interpret the Land’s message to me.”


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When all is quiet, can you hear the sound of your heart beat and nervous system? Did you know that many light workers tune in to this “internal orchestra” like a metal detector?  Light workers and Angel Readers, Healers of Reiki, Hot Stones  and Massage, as well as Channeled Psychic Advisers, all gather information from this internal angel frequency.  I like to think of this “going within” as accessing the Song of Angels.

One must train themselves to hear their internal angel frequency. Try this:

  • Pay attention to the sound of your heart beat first, and then a very high note …this is your inner nervous system, your personal angel signature note.
  • It will at first be undetectable, but you have heard this note in your most quiet of times, when the orchestra of your own heart beat and nervous system combine.
  • Now ask your self a question you KNOW the answer to.  Which side of your body does the high frequency go to?  Left, Center, or right?
  • Keep doing this exercise until you can consistently hear and feel the difference.
  • Some will actually feel more then they hear, the difference in their body.
  • One side of your body will be your trained “No”.
  • The other side, {or center} of your body, will be your trained “yes.”

Have you ever seen someone tap their foot to a silent rhythm, or rock to music that can’t be heard by you? Guess what? They are tuning in to their Angel music.


I met a Reiki Healer that worked with the aid of her nervous system frequencies. For a long time I have been aware of three layers of sound within ….a High, Middle and Low Note.  In this case the healer used her inner angel song to spot blockages in the body.  I learned that each of us assigns a different meaning to our inner frequencies.  What one determines as a yes or no, blockage or balanced signal is as unique as the hand you write with.  For myself, I use them as a tool to aid in intuitive reading, as well as Reiki. Here are my internal “Metal Detector” angel meanings:

Notes I listen for as I channel:

HIGH note= satellite pinging {I am beginning to channel}
MIDDLE note = “Getting Warm”
LOW note
= “Target Bulls eye”

How delighted I was that these same 3 internal frequencies can be used in Reiki Healing. I have found also that when I am too tired, or too energy depleted, I can not hear or “feel” my internal Angel frequencies.  This is when its time to do less.

Next time your alone, turn off the TV, music, and seek a quiet place.  Be aware of the Angel Symphony going on within you, a heart beat for bass, and a singing nervous system.  This is your “tool” for intuition for:

  • Simple Yes or No answers
  • Driving direction aid
  • Warnings

Like anything else, it takes patience and practice.  Your angels are speaking.  Hear them?

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