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They broke up a year ago, and though she could not bug his phone to see who he was calling, she could read his Face Book page.  Cyber gifts and flowers sprinkled with flirty messages were all over it! Every day she checked his Face Book and cried. It was so easy to keep up on him!  She was absolutely convinced each and every woman connecting with him was a blooming relationship. God it hurt!  So why did she keep going back there?


He sensed that things were broken and
unhappy in her.  The most important thing she could
do is go out with other men, move on.  She needed to stop worrying if he was doing the same thing.  The women she saw on his Face
book were not real relationships.  The majority were all part of the pretend world of pretend gifts and pretend sensuality.  {The more women there were on his page, the more studly his friends thought he was. They believed his cyber harem …just like she did.}


  • If you are going out with other men, and this relationship has reached that open stage, stop watching his Face
    Book page to see if he is going out like you are.
  • If you are NOT going out with other men….you NEED to.
  • If it makes you cry, stop going to his Face Book Page..  Its like biting on a canker  sore in your mouth that “hurts so good.”  Pull your foot out of the wasp nest!
  • Spying on his contact list just to see who their cyber friends are…is
    really no different then bugging his phone to see who hes talking to.
  • You will get your chance to reconnect in a relationship, {a real one}.
    But not when you are sending out needy vibrations of sadness.
  • Scare him a little.  Be unavailable.  Friends or more….confusion is tool to make him  persistent. Don’t be a slave to your painful neediness to spy.
  • Most of all, no matter how available someones information is, respect Boundaries.

Ann Marie has been an Intuitive Life Counselor for over 30 years, master tarot reader, and radio host for Achieve Radio.  She also reads privately and can be reached at: http://thecalliingoflight.com


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