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When all is quiet, can you hear the sound of your heart beat and nervous system? Did you know that many light workers tune in to this “internal orchestra” like a metal detector?  Light workers and Angel Readers, Healers of Reiki, Hot Stones  and Massage, as well as Channeled Psychic Advisers, all gather information from this internal angel frequency.  I like to think of this “going within” as accessing the Song of Angels.

One must train themselves to hear their internal angel frequency. Try this:

  • Pay attention to the sound of your heart beat first, and then a very high note …this is your inner nervous system, your personal angel signature note.
  • It will at first be undetectable, but you have heard this note in your most quiet of times, when the orchestra of your own heart beat and nervous system combine.
  • Now ask your self a question you KNOW the answer to.  Which side of your body does the high frequency go to?  Left, Center, or right?
  • Keep doing this exercise until you can consistently hear and feel the difference.
  • Some will actually feel more then they hear, the difference in their body.
  • One side of your body will be your trained “No”.
  • The other side, {or center} of your body, will be your trained “yes.”

Have you ever seen someone tap their foot to a silent rhythm, or rock to music that can’t be heard by you? Guess what? They are tuning in to their Angel music.


I met a Reiki Healer that worked with the aid of her nervous system frequencies. For a long time I have been aware of three layers of sound within ….a High, Middle and Low Note.  In this case the healer used her inner angel song to spot blockages in the body.  I learned that each of us assigns a different meaning to our inner frequencies.  What one determines as a yes or no, blockage or balanced signal is as unique as the hand you write with.  For myself, I use them as a tool to aid in intuitive reading, as well as Reiki. Here are my internal “Metal Detector” angel meanings:

Notes I listen for as I channel:

HIGH note= satellite pinging {I am beginning to channel}
MIDDLE note = “Getting Warm”
LOW note
= “Target Bulls eye”

How delighted I was that these same 3 internal frequencies can be used in Reiki Healing. I have found also that when I am too tired, or too energy depleted, I can not hear or “feel” my internal Angel frequencies.  This is when its time to do less.

Next time your alone, turn off the TV, music, and seek a quiet place.  Be aware of the Angel Symphony going on within you, a heart beat for bass, and a singing nervous system.  This is your “tool” for intuition for:

  • Simple Yes or No answers
  • Driving direction aid
  • Warnings

Like anything else, it takes patience and practice.  Your angels are speaking.  Hear them?

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Victoria Lanakila, Island Mystic & Healer joins  

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Hear the sultry voice of Victoria Lanakila as she leads in soothing meditation and readings. Host and Master Tarot Channneler, Ann Marie, joins for 2 readings per call. Light your path with Victoria Lanakila.

Lana was here to sooth us through the oil spill crisis with meditation. She returns again to sooth our sorrows with meditation on the return of @Instant Gratification Philosophy@, Puritan denial of Gay Rights and the demand for children to have full term babies with the new Republican Tea Party take over. Don’t miss out on 2 message readings per call just for you!

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There came a point when I realized that Psychic work was not all I wanted to do.   I noticed in Intuitive Reading how valuable the sound of my voice was to my client, and that softening my tones and pacing my words could lead to a better quality Psychic / Client experience.   This led me straight to the door of certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2004.   Though this did not offer much interest or trust in the Red Neck community I lived in, I could use my new Hypnotherapy skills every day in my National Phone Counselings.



I have been fascinated with hands on healing all my life. I used to think that some amazing calling from Heaven gave one permission to be a Healer. I assumed my type of gift was exclusively Intuitive Readings.
The more I read about hands on healing, the more I saw we all have  the ability. When we hurt our selves, one hand will automatically reach to touch the wounded body part. Why?  There seems to be that natural instinct to use our hands as an amazing healing tool.   Perhaps first man had healing skills that we lost with time.   Still, I felt somehow I needed a sign, a heavenly voice or blatent call to move forward.



One day my son said, “Mom, how come you don’t do Reiki Healing? You would be perfect for it. “ Wow! There was the voice I was looking for.”  No it didn’t come with harp back ground…but through support, and someone that believed in me.   Three months later I was at the door of Certified Reiki Attunement.   I used Reiki on my self before sleep, in the morning when I woke up, on my house plants and my pets.   I gave free sessions to private clients that came for recorded Psychic studio readings.



I gave myself permission to add Hot Stone therapy to my Reiki sessions.   A few spirirt sisters felt perhaps I was trying to take on too much.    I was following my own flow and call.   I had a life time to perfect into one liquid movement the combination of my 3 skills.  There is no better time then now to begin the goals we desire.   I purchased a beautiful wood box of Basalt Stones.   I felt wealthy as a tribal woman as I gazed at my black stones of different sizes, each in their separate wood compartments.  This I know:

@Basalt stones absorb and retain heat extremely well.
@Heated in their water reservoir pot of water, the stones are lifted out with a wood spoon.
@Adding a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil to the water the stones cook in, makes them smooth and fragrant.




Since I work on fully clothed clients I dry the stones with a towel before placing them on my clients blanket covered body. The warmed stones are placed in the palms, around the neck, on Chakra points, down the legs and arms, beneath the knees and inbetween the toes, and one between the brows. It is at this point I begin Reiki Healing, using the sound of my voice to send blessings, empowerment, protection and deep healing from my angels to theirs. The combination of the warm stones, a soothing voice and Angel light Reiki energy touch, creates a beautiful Twilight sleep which can be woken from at any time my client wishes. The final experience is a sacred earth ceremony. A small bottle of cool water is given to drink before they go home.

Giving Intuitive Counceling is my full time job, and the core that started me on the unique journey of Hot Stone-Reiki-Hypnotherapy.

Ann Marie O’Dell

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