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There she is; Over there.  Sparkling and glowing, laughing in the midst of a group of casual adoring friends, is a woman that you fight not to look like or weigh as much as.  She walks like a queen, and acts like she’s beautiful.  She glows from the INSIDE out.   She is opposite the beautiful book you bought just because of its cover.  We are all guilty of “judging books by their cover.”  By the end of the first chapter, sadly we realize the beautiful art on the front of the book is much better then what is inside the pages. Yet we spend thousands each year to redesign our outer shell.  How dare this woman be happy with who she is!





The Spiritual Concept of Beauty.




In the attempt to be a beautiful book cover we will do anything and pay any price.  Mineral powders, lotions and reconstructive surgery help us to convince others that we feel happy and fulfilled inside.  It does not change a seething brew of unhappiness and crying that may be going on inside.  People like Michael Jackson become so addicted to changing their inner unhappiness they abuse plastic surgery.  Like a beautiful painting, too many brush strokes ruin the picture.  One day they wake up and realize they have destroyed their original exterior beauty.   In becoming a beautiful book cover…we pray that our words and SPIRITUAL ESSENCE will match.  But its hard to glow from within when we feel bad.  When the cover does not match the content then what? Counseling or Meditation may go further then breast enhancement.




“She” walks like a queen, and acts like she’s beautiful.  ”She” glows from the INSIDE out.  Men do not look at first as she does not fit “the image”.  But then they begin to wonder what IS her secret?   And so do we!   Crazy isn’t it?   If someone were to judge this less then perfect person by her book cover, they would be amazed and hypnotized.  She exceeds all expectation.  The Dali Lama is Not a beautiful book cover.  Yet his sweet smile and powerful spirit elevate him as a singular and beautiful person.  It gives us all hope that to heal what is inside us first, gives confirmation of the power of Spirit.



It is my belief that to be”genuine” is to not have to explain to others “what category” we are.  Beauty boundary lines keep us within the box of acceptance.   It is the same as saying “I am not alone,” even if it’s not true.   The world is more secure when we feel we “know” and are “known” as an attractive person.  A spiritual person with an easy smile and happy eyes often worries more about others then herself.  People are drawn and never disappointed, when the cover can’t compete.  Perhaps that is this person’s secret…no false advertising.  When working with less….less is more.  It becomes beautiful.  True self confidence is beautiful.





In the quest to simplify, why is the greatest fear to be too simple? 


 In short, you are beautiful as you are. When you call me, I will be who I am.  Lets’ be simple together and see your genuine life story.





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