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A news flash reads “Bones found on island might be Amelia Earnhardt’s.” A psychic reading confirms Yes and that her cast away time on the island may have been her greatest true adventure of survival, and what her flying exploits had been intuitively preparing her for from the start.


Was Nikumaroro Island, about 1,800 miles south of Hawaii, where Amelia died a cast away?

Yes. Amelia’s addiction to sacrifice to the public eye is what killed her. She did not mind, at first, the islands test of her endurance. She was a tom boy, fire maker and a “Survival Island” contestant before it’s time. In the early days of the wreck, she is seen fantasizing herself in a   “Swiss Family Robinson” story plot. She believed she would be saved just as all great adventure story characters do. She did a lot of Zen contemplation on the island and had she lived, the island would have been Amelia’s 40 days and 40 nights of the wilderness. She would have come back a completely changed person.

Did Amelia die alone with the sand crabs?

Yes. The crabs at first were her audience and she would even speak to them. The crabs were relentless and always around her watching. She had a love hate for them. When her spirits were completely down, the crabs were her only companionship. In the end, as if sentenced to die at the inquisition, the crabs quietly and efficiently were Amelia’s pall bearers as they took her body parts to the sea and their homes.

Did the man she was with survive the crash?

No. Unhappily and unfairly, the man died right away. His dream was Amelia’s fame and the coat tails he hung on to. She could not commit to him in the end. In the name of survival, Amelia abandoned him an unhappy man.

“What were her last moments like? What was she doing? What happened?”

Amelia sat peacefully watching the water, completely balanced, as if she had come upon a great big realization. The scales were balanced now. The power she held before the plane wreck on the island was the price she paid for sacrifice to fame, fortune and worship of the public eye. The TRUE ADVENTURE was survival on the island. She died living an adventure. Her captive audience, the crabs, never left her side. They consumed her in the end.

What was she doing?

Every moment was a struggle for Amelia. To eat and catch drinking water took strategy and patience. She had neither. She learned how to catch and eat what consumed her in the end. It was a balanced existence of daily mundane struggle and inner contemplation as she realized the irony of her final adventure. Her brilliant mind kept her from going crazy.

She was a gentle soul. Delicate and small boned she adapted well to the tasks of catching fish, building fires, and in her mind imagined the Goddess she hoped to be for the public eye, was who she actually was for the true grit of survival on the island.. She did a lot of thinking. Her small body became pathetically thin. But this was not what killed her. She did not die of starvation.

In all actuality Amelia was happy with her simple tried adventure to death. It was what she was running from, flying from and in escape from to begin with. She realized the island always had been her final test, the adventure she had been working up to. She lay remnants of broken make up jars and shells in positions she hoped would be found later for a mysterious and intriguing archeology find, a tribute to her once civil life.


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Listen to Friday Mornings Show

8/14/09 George David Fryer from London, looks from the corner of his eyes and paints portraits of the amazing spirit essence surrounding his clients. Seen in Spiritual magazines and lectures in Europe, George teaches the message of Co Creating your own existence on earth, and the influence of Master Guides from Spirit Workers to Serial Killers. Join our Spirit Chat room or listen as you work. It’s Internet Psychic Radio. 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific.

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Category: Paranormal – Wednesday Mornings! 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central

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Free Double Psychic Readings with beloved National Phone Advisers, Adrienne & Annie, covered today:

  • A 22 yr old man wonders how to find love.
  • Adrienne & Annie offer book titles and suggest learning body language and a softer less needy approach.
  • A woman with much death in the family wonders what the result of NOT tending to 2 drug addicted brothers
  • A wise woman who has supported everyone is exhausted and wonders, “What can I expect if I let go?”
  • An impatient CAT is read on, and what its opinion of its overwhelmed owner is. {We told her what the cat needed her to know.}
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Internet Radio Channelings by Ann Marie O’Dell

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 Michael Jackson & Farah Faucett were channeled for messages from beyond through Tarot Channeling’s by Ann Marie. Their energy, still so fresh, was incredibly strong. Readings were smooth as silk and reverberated with very strong essence. Ann Marie, known as “The Velvet Hammer”, is a National Psychic Phone Adviser with 30+ yrs Tarot Channeling Exp. Lessons on how to Channel names, tell time frames and seasons in Tarot, as well as how to “go numb” as we read for others were given on this Psychic Radio Program. Belly dancing and sitar music were played at break.

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DATE: Friday,  {Today!} June 5th, 2009
TIME: 11:00Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

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George David Fryer of London is a spiritual artist and teacher. He offers portraits of your Past Life Spirit guides, which he sees from the corner of his eyes. The guides he channels forth through his portraits are of the next level of mastery and ready to help and assist your life’s quest. George has been featured in a number of spiritual magazines, and joins Ann Marie, an Angel Reader, for an interview on his special gift. What do your Angels need you to know? Don’t miss his fascinating video, as he draws Spirit Portraits on the streets of London.

Topics Spoken On by George David Fryer

  • What is death?  Are we real?
  • Can we be haunted by our own future?
  • What is the 3rd dimension about?
  • What IS an “Ascended Master Guide” ?
  • How do the guides operate within us?
  • Are guides/angels drawn to like-energy physical forms?
  • What is “Angelic Hierarchy”?
  • Can a male/female have an opposite sex guide?
  • What guidance energy leads to serial killers?
  • Do different guides direct us at different times in life?
  • Describe the dynamics of guide energy in 2009, “Aquarius”
  • How do we pick up the energy thought forms of our guides?
  • What happens in the process of channeling through art ?
  • How may someone purchase a Spirit Portrait by George Fryer?

Don’t miss ‘Psychic Artist” and teacher, George David Fryer.

See George David’s Lecture Class U Tube

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Friday Morning: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific

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Topics Ann Marie will Speak On

  • What do Angels & Master Guides look like. Or do they?
  • How to survive the Alone Times
  • Spiritual Cloaking to prevent and heal Sickness
  • The Office Bully {how to keep your spirit up at work! }

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