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Psychic Diamonds of Advice * The Brass Ovary

May 19, 2010

: The Brass Ovary
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The Brass Ovary * Psychic Diamonds of Advice {646}378-1981

Psychic diamonds of advice and Goddess Empowerment Readings with the Brass Ovary. Get Master Tarot with 80 yrs intuitive live advice reading combined. Ask on love, career, spirit,pets, dreams and more!

Time 1 Hr of Free Readings
Cost free readings
Location Internet Psychic Radio
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Contact {646}378-1981

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TIME: Wednesday * 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 7:30am Pacific


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Goddess Sisters of Crone Hill * Master Tarot Readers {646}378-1981

Length: 1 hr
@Click the radio to hear the show@

Call 646-378-1981 for 2 free radio readings

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There it was. Like a suicide bomber they ran in to your day and killed you with their words. It made no sense. You clawed wildly for something brutal to say that would destroy them back. In the middle of a conversation, broad day light, they destroyed your happiness and brought up something totally unrelated.. You were in a great mood. Why had they ruined it? And the worst part? They defended what was said and refused to see the hurt of their words. You cried or yelled. They stormed off. Has this ever happened to you?


So why did you do that? Why did you let their words turn you into a spitting wild cat? You know you admire the wise smirk of a person in control, {you know the one.} That person who lets the words of another slide off like ooze, pauses, slaps them with a cold stare, WINS! Some how that total sense of confident control has people apologizing. Screaming and crying turns a win, into an out of control train. If your lucky it works itself out. But remember:

• A screaming email message can’t be taken back. {You lose}
• Refusing a genuine apology, ruins a beautiful friendship. {You lose}
• Shutting a family member or friend out for a stupid moment, means one less friend you treasured. {You lose}
• Physical hurtful revenge puts you in jail. {You lose.}
• Work Place violence can get you fired. {You lose.}
• An angry scream on a sports field can ruin your image. {You lose.}
• A scream at the boss or president chances a ruined career. {You lose.}



  • If friends are too close to the subject matter, a voice of honesty lets you talk your anger through
  • A psychic can show you the aftermath of your rage.
  • Calling a Psychic before lashing back in anger just may be the best action you made for the day.
  • Psychic Readers help you to WIN!

Compassionate readings with 38 yrs reading experience

Listen to Ann Maries Internet Radio Show Friday Morning!     Call for a free Psychic Survival Reading. {347}326-9445

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