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Wednesday March 14th, 2012 * 6:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Central, 3:00pm Pacific
Channeling Rachael – A Live Body/Soul Channeling. 1 Hr. Interview on Tarot Joy.
Certified Therapist, Greg Nooney, breathes into and speaks on air, the collective consciousness wisdom of “Rachael.” Ann Marie conducts the 1 hour interview questions.

Certified therapist, mediator and Social Work trainer, with universities Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina, Greg Nooney has presented numerous workshops and teaches the experience of Channeling. Today he shares the process of breathing into the collective consciousness and wisdom of Rachael.


Its a funny thing about tuning into your intuition. Sometimes you have no idea what you are getting in to. One minute you are aiding the dying through the steps of crossing over, to the next, helping them walk the other side, and then whats this? Hello! Its Rachel. And here is the thing. We may say ….”Ahhhh come on. Now your kidding me right?” But its the profound wisdom that comes through the channeling, that speaks of something extraordinarily unique happening. Whether we believe that the wisdom comes from an energy source, such as “Rachel”, or from the wisdom of the channeler,  specifically, Greg Nooney, really doesn’t matter. Its how the information touches us personally.  I invite you personally to listen to Greg Channel, before passing judgement.


1} Explain “Rachael Consciousness”.  In your journey as a “Spirit Walker” to the other side, in the past, where, when and how did Rachel come through?

2} Explain what Toxic Thoughts are

3} what are the dynamics of an “old way” thinker

4} what are the dynamics of a “new way” thinker

5} {from our last interview together} what is a Feeder? How do we react towards them?

AT THIS POINT GREG WILL PROCEED TO BREATH AND TONE INTO THE ENERGY OF ” RACHAEL”. The rest of the questions will be asked of her, through Greg.

6} the bible says that in final days, many will be prophets, many will follow, and many will be led astray.  What do we look for within ourselves, to determine the authenticity of the message we hear, so that we may follow in true light?  {The Egyptians call this the time of the “Golden Cobra”,  and that as warfare and greed took over in ancient days, the golden cobra {spiritually speaking} coiled within the ground…WHERE AS  In this new age, the Golden Cobra, {spiritually speaking} rises, to see with “third eye” “awareness” and “spiritual understanding”.  I see the similarities in “little spirals creating vortexes through the densities of the planet.”   PLEASE EXPLAIN FURTHER: the ENERGY OF THE SPIRITUAL FUEL OF THESE VORTEXES.

7} Is it possible for “old way” thinkers, and “new way” thinkers to on the same earth?  And if so, is the dynamic of fear, anger and toxic emotion destroying the peace between them, created by THE WAY we teach and share?

8} as light workers, and spiritualists, what is our responsibility to the New Earth?

9} is there anything else you need us to know?


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Zen Gold Readings with Ann Marie * Live Radio & TV
6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific

Dec 14, 2011

Want some Zen Gold? See with clarity the dynamics of your life. Expect soft wordage with direct honesty! Receive 37 yrs Master Tarot Reading experience, with 22,000 client feed backs. Ann Marie, a Rainbow Crone Wise Woman, is a member of Best Psychics Directory. Click on the rainbow TV to listen, or watch Ann Marie and Lily, the 100 yr old dress cage, live on Achieve TV.             888-235-7374
Time 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
6:00PM New York, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Californi
Cost Free Psychic Reads
Location Achieve Internet Radio
Internet Radio and TV
URL View WebSite
Contact             888-235-7374      

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Wednesday December 7, 2011
Live Achieve Web Cam Meditation with Ann Marie * Goddess Toilet Meditation will help you get in touch with your earth roots, crack a smile, and think when your on the pot next. Velvet Hammer Psychic, Ann Marie, excels in soft wordage with direct honesty.

Every Wednesday Live Web Cam Readings with Ann Marie, offer 37 yrs psychic reading experience with a portfolio of 22,000 client feed backs. Call 888-235-7374 and receive velvet hammer directness on your life or spiritual question. Each week a lesson starts the show. National and international guest speakers, authors and readers offer inspiration. Psychic Theater means you enter the show with your own unique sound clip. Lille, a 100 yr old dress cage, as well as various pet cats, cross the 1 hour web cam show. Join Annie’s spiritual family won’t you? Every Wednesday at Achieve Radio: 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific

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For personal reading with Ann Marie click here

Ann Marie at Achieve Radio


Often times when one goes to an Intuitive Reader or Channel, it is easy to wonder how much of the information is based on the Readers issues, or the Seekers.   Many people choose readers who use tools because information coming through Tarot Cards or Stones, which act as “a second opinion”.   When one goes to a channel with out tools…..it is also taking in faith that they are not projecting.


“Numbing Out” is a curious state of mind.  Its the complete ability to block out inner chatter.   The only way I can describe it, is as if a heavy velvet curtain is thrown over the “self”….enabling one to completely focus away from inner chatter.   Those who have dealt with anxiety attacks, may understand “numbing out” as the first step in  stepping away from the inner voice that yells “RUN!!!!!”   Numbing out is also used by those suffering with seizure disorder or to relax when an ‘aura” creates the “tight muscle” reaction.  Numbing out can be used in meditation, or to block out stage fright as well.

However one uses “Numbing Out” , it is an exceptional tool for Psychics that wish to not project their own issues into the reading of a client.

Ann Marie at Achieve Radio and Video, introduces “Out of the Fog” guest, Karen Hager, and discusses “Numbing Out” as well as Intuition.

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Click to hear the show at 6:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific

Wednesday September 29th, 2010
Bear and “Father Stan” * Totem Hug Readings, Story Telling, Energy Art
She is the iron strength of the warrior, an artisan and a healer. He is the author and soft voice of totem wisdom.

A tapestry of Intuitive Totem Readings, Knowledge and Love will embrace you with Bear and Father Stan. Author of “A Beginner’s Walk on the Pathway to Native American Spirituality”, Father Stan Hughes will direct you to the door that leads you to personal spirit quest. Bear is an Artisan and a Healer whose vibrant energy paintings and readings speak to you with truth. Call for a Totem Hug Reading! 888-235-7374



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Wednesday September 22nd, 2010
6:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific
Free Call In Reading: {888}235-7374

Full Moon Readings with Bunny Sings Wolf and Ann Marie
Embrace Spirit with 2 Full Moon Dream readings! Vision Quest your greatest harvest empowerment with Bunny Sings Wolf and Ann Marie. Call 888-235-7374

Photobucket Photobucket

She rides in on the full moon of each 4th week with dream readings, full moon empowerment messages, and totem animal knowledge. Joyful, warm and filled with laughter Bunny Sings Wolf joins  us floating in on a Moon Beam for 2 readings per call from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Join Master Tarot Reader, Ann Marie with Shaman Woman, Bunny Sings Wolf for harvest readings on the seeds you have planted in 2010.

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From the Netherlands to You
September 15th, Wednesday
Time: 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern
Call in for Reading: 888-235-7374

The lights glow softly on a fine boned small woman sitting cross legged in meditation on a Persian Rug.  The soothing chord of “C” resonators in a full “Ommmmmmm.” A  3 minute silence impregnates the air with spiritual inner peace, vibrating within, full expectation.. When she speaks her voice is soft, beautiful and commanding.  She tells of her journey as a spiritualist, how she is you, and how to redesign your path, as she did, to full glory from despair to all you can be. She reads into your energy, shows you what she sees in her minds eye for you.  From her Netherlands Spiritual shop, “Sathanama” will  be interviewed and give her visions with Ann Marie, on “Tarot Joy” Wednesdays, September 15 at Achieve Radio, 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

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