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Earth Sister Readings * Psychic Channeling

Jan 24, 2010

I am your Earth Sister, Ann Marie. With 30+ yrs channeling and 15,000+
National client feed backs I connect my Angels with yours to tell you
the best path in 2010 I see for you. A short Harmony Meditation and
Sunday Coffee Matinee begin the show. Just give your first name. Be it
Love, Career or Spirit lets focus on the energy that comes forth and
illuminates your path. Rise like the Phoenix from the flames. What do
your guides need you to know?

Time 2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central, 11:00AM Pacific

1 Hr of Professional Advice

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Contact Sister Othelia {Ann Marie}

Topics On Show Today

  • Harmony Meditation
  • Lord of the Rings Music
  • Psychic Advice

Today’s Coffee Matinee:

Lily the Ghost joins the spirit of Mother Teresa to perform miracles in Haiti. Who would have thought an iPod could be a vehicle for spirit travel? Only at Angel Bling Psychic Theater!


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This show:

Ann Marie and Lily the Ghost gather Autumn Leaves in a lace tablecloth tent.     “Affirmation Phone Readings” on the blessings and gifts, as well as life strategy for each radio caller are given.

Topics Spoken On in this Show

  • Journaling  dreams and insight to develop intuition
  • What is Amway Spiritualism?
  • “Bear” speaks on her Spirit Art
  • Tea Leaf Reading lessons

Click on the old time radio to hear Psychic Internet Radio!


Ann Marie – Intuitive Light Worker Lily the Ghost

JOURNAL To Develop Your Intuition

  • Each time you have an Intuitive Dream, write it down and what you feel it may mean.
  • Write down the date, what you felt it meant, and what you feel your angels are telling you
  • As you write down your intuitive “flashes”, you will start to see a pattern
  • Pay attention to how you “FEEL” when you have Intuitive feelings {light. airy, bubbly}
  • Pay attention to the times you “DOUBT” yourself….write it down.
  • As you read back your history,  will begin to see WHY you need to follow your intuitive feelings.
  • Your Angels are Speaking to you.  Are you Listening?
  • Click on the button to reach Ann Marie for an Angel Affirmation Reading

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Angel Readings with Ann Marie on a snowy Friday morning. 347-326-9445
Your Angels are speaking to you. Hear them? Feel them? Connect your Angels with Ann Maries’ angels. Get maximum clarity, a fast connection, and down to earth advice on romance, career and all things life.
The coffees on. Don’t forget to feed the dog. Call 347-326-9445  



Join the coffee chat room. Call 347-326-9445
10:00 AM Central, 11:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM Mountain, 8:00 AM Pacific



My name is Annie O’Dell.  I Co Host an Intuitive Blog Talk radio show called “The Brass Ovary” with my spiritual sister, Adrienne  Austin, and my own Angel Reading show called “Brain Bling Psychic Theatre.”   

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