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For many light workers it gets to the point where staying with someone that can’t stand their sunny attitude, creates a dull shade of gray within.  Choosing to live with one’s opposite can be either funny, or spiritual suicide. Choosing to be a cool breeze and rainbows of light, living with shadows of negativity, aloofness and anger can become lonely.  On the other hand, a perfect landscape has both sun and shade to play in.

But when “the gray” happens, the spiritual attitude “opposites” tend to take over the landscape.  The play stops. At this point staying in the spiritually gray relationship is like choosing spiritual suicide.  Many Light Workers are deciding at this point to stop abusing their Angels with negative inner chatter and move on. But why do light workers stay in gray relationships? Five different people will choose five completely different choices to escape a negative situation.  An example of this is how people choose to escape abuse.


Five people that have experienced rape, abuse or intolerable living situations can take 5 different pathways.  What are some of those choices?

  • PERSON ONE – Repeats their past by choosing to live love like a car crash.
  • PERSON TWO – Chooses to become an achiever to prove personal self worth
  • PERSON THREE – Chooses to become a therapist for people going through abuse.
  • PERSON FOUR – Chooses drugs, alcohol or abuse to live in denial of their misery.
  • PERSON FIVE – Chooses to shut them selves away.

One day you wake up and you just KNOW its time to leave.   It’s like waking up to a poster on your wall you used to love, realizing you have grown internally and the poster feels childish. The longer you leave it up, the more you may even begin to hate it.  The problem is you can take the poster down off your wall.  A relationship needs compassionate and considerate separation.

Many light workers are realizing the most compassionate choice is to not live a lie.  It becomes impossible to live, teach or have friends of light, if a relationship becomes suffocating and exhausting. Perhaps the best choice is to not ignore your light. Allow your angels to guide you to the best path. Stop fighting it.

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RADIO ANGEL READINGS * Love, Career, Spirit
TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Anxiety Attack Meditation Cure
Date / Time: Friday, 4/23/2010  11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00AM Central, 8:00AM Pacific
Call-in Number: (347) 326-9445

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Click on the coffee cup to hear the show!

Connect your Angel with Ann Marie’s for a reading on love,career, finances, family, pets and spirit. Have Anxiety Attacks? Tips for ending an anxiety attack at work.  Redesign your life by writing a movie script. Free Readings! 15,000+ client feed backs don’t lie about Ann Marie’s accuracy. Call {347}326-9445

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Psychic Romance Radio * Blog Talk Internet Radio {646}378-1981

Ann MarieO’Dell ak “SisterOthelia”

Ann Marie

Cyber Coffee, Friendship and Truth

Upcoming Show: 3/26/2010: 11:00AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central, 7:00AM Mountain, 8:00AM Pacific

Length: 1 hr

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Sunday Romance Readings on Achieve Radio
Feb 28, 2010

{888-235-7374} Telepathic Love Readings.  Call for yours! Do you Feel His Thoughts? How to “Block” telepathic love. What are the 3 levels of Telepathic Communication? Ann Marie, a Psychic Romance Councilor over 38 years, will read on the name and intentions of the one you desire. Ann Marie, a Professional Strategy Reader for Empowering Life Choices reads on Relationships, Career, Family, Creative Pursuit, Office Dispute, Pets, Spiritual Unrest. 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pac.
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Healers Event

Time 2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central, 12:00 PM Mountain, 11:00 AM Pac.
1 Hr of Free Professional Readings
Location Internet Psychic Radio
Achieve Radio
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For Free Reading: 888-235-7374

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One woman is a stunning performer with a dating profile of pretty pictures and reads like a Cosmo Magazine.  Another woman is 64, loves to line dance, play poker and is very aggressive. Both are picky. Both get great responses. None of the responses stay. Here are some tips and a video.


Without even knowing it, the magical beautiful entertainers site is her worst sabotage.  Lets face it.  No one is magical 100% of the day, except on the stage.  The only men looking for such a woman will be groupies or men fed up with real women with real hormone swings.  As in this wonderful real womans case, once she let down her protective entertainers shield, ….disappointingly to the men searching for magic, …she was another  “real” woman. Off they went.  There was no way she could compete with her own profile photos either.


  • Show a professional photo that looks like you at your best…but not too good to be true.
  • Start your write up with facts that state your best personality qualities, showing pride and confidence.
  • Do not start your profile with how sensitive you are right away, or how you have been hurt and looking for more.
  • Describing your tender heart right away can be seen as an open invitation for abusers or  con artists.
  • REMEMBER!   Always read between the lines of what your profile says.
  • If you can’t read between the lines have a friend do so.
  • DO say you are choosy about who comes in to your life.


Remember that you want to be true to your independent self, with out saying you are a manly man that wants to run the show.  Opposite of the too sensitive woman’s profile, you want to be sure and state:

  •  Soft words like “Compassionate” which assures you that you will not scare away a strong mate looking for an independent fun date.
  • “Using words like “Neutering” or “Compassionate” “Laughter” IN WITH words like “Independent” “Sports”, “Marathons”, “Executive” assures you that a possible mate knows you will not run their life with more masculinity then they own.
  • Also using soft words beside the strong assures you will not get overwhelmed with replies by weak mates searching for a person to fill their missing strengths. Unless thats what you want of course.


  • Get a web cam and have a first date conversation so that you do not feel overwhelmed with worry that they will be disappointed with you.
  • Also having a Web Cam date lets YOU determine if THEY are worth your time before committing to the gas or time for a first time in person date.
  • Do not make the mistake of JUST web cam dates. One or two web cam dates only will prevent you from falling into a text message relationship.


  • Do not put yourself down….it is not funny or sensitive.  Beating your self up in front of a first date is just bad advertising.
  • Remember to ask your date positive questions about themselves.
  • Do talk about things you love to do, the kinds of people you admire, but do not monopolize the conversation. 
  • Try not to jump in bed.  REMEMBER. You want them to come back for the right reasons.


  • Why should you have an adviser read and advise on your dating profile?  Because they are a distant friend not afraid to be honest with you
  • Close Friends sometimes are afraid to hurt our feelings, and lets face it, it just might be uncomfortable showing a friend your self description.
  • An Intuitive Counselor can read between the lines of your dating site with clarity.  THEY CAN ALSO READ ON THE QUALITIES ABOUT YOUR SELF YOU NEED TO PROMOTE….YOUR BLESSINGS.

I created this Video for Making a Magnificent Dating Site Profile
For fun I counsel a spirit that has joined a dating site for lonely ghosts.
Click on the rose to see the Dating Site Profile Video.

Ann Marie, a Professional Psychic Adviser over 38 Yrs, has been reading since 1970. She hosts two radio shows at Achieve and B.T.R.

Get a personal Reading. Hear reading samples

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Sunday: January 17, 2010 from 1pm to 2pm
Location: Achieve Internet Radio
Website or Map: http://achieveradio.com/ann-m…
Phone: 888-235-7374
Event Type: free psychic radio readings

Event Description

High Psychic Accuracy, Fast Connection and a kind Sense of Humor are high points of Ann Marie’s 30+ Yrs Certified Master Tarot Readings. {Since 1970!} 15,000+ Client Testimonies point out her Angel Readings are honest, flow like silk and get to the point fast. REMEMBER! Ann Marie does not believe in fluff readings, which lead you to hanging on to hurtful situations. If your ready for the truth, Ann Marie encourages you to “fall into her arms.” Today’s Matinee: A haunting call leads to a visit to Lily’s Church Attic. 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pacific

Ann Marie has over 30 years Master Tarot Reading Exp.
For Free Sunday Radio Reading:  347-326-9445

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This Morning  10/16/09
Click here to go to show
Show Starts: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific
Call In Number for Free Reading: {347}326-9445

Ann Marie,a National Psychic Romance Councilor for 38 Yrs, will read on your patterns and loves, as well as career and emotional sadness.  Gay or Straight, love is in the air. Wake up confused?  Wonder about their feelings, intentions and where its going?  What is getting in your way of love?  Come with an open mind and get on line early.  No question is denied.  Call {347}326-9445 

Need a Romance Reading? Call {347}326-9445 * This Morning!

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