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Even Jesus took a Bitch Pill * Boundaries and Readings in the Now by Ann Marie.  Psychic Pinging and Spiritual Journey Angel Communication on the Power of first names by Ann Marie; Psychic adviser since 1970 on financial forecast, career, love, spirit path and pets.
Ann Marie will give you the truth exactly as she sees it. {See Ann’s 15,000+ client feed backs}

Ann Marie, Intuitive since 1970, channels on all things life and spirit. She reminds you of Boundaries and that even Jesus took a Bitch Pill. Angel Messages and Tarot Channeling on all things life and spirit, Ann Marie will not sugar coat your reading and lead you astray. What would your angels tell you if they could? Psychic Pinging on the power of names is a way to call forth energy like a satellite on your best coarse of action. Tarot gives the strategy. See her feed back:



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Amanda Dowel, Certified Healer, Medium and Medical Intuitive joins Ann Marie to give 2 Professional Readings per call.
WHEN: Wednesday May 12 : 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Pacific
Spirit Tea with Ann Marie * Call for  2 Free Reads per Show:  {888}235-7374

Bask in the warm joy of Amanda Dowel and Ann Marie in two down to earth intuitive readings per call. Amanda Dowel, listed in best physics, connects to Angel communication and mediumship with passed on loved ones. Ann Marie, Master Tarot Channeler since 1970, connects you with your greatest good on all things love, career or spirit.

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Ann Marie, National Tarot Counselor 38 Yrs, will put on the sequenced glove to give Free Psychic Phone Readings on love, career and spirit. Tarot Crime Reading Lessons,as well as "Cleaning the Cards", "Channeling Symbology" and "Finding the Common Denominator" that can aid in solving crimes will be covered. A Homicide reading will be given on Michael Jackson's Death. Call {347}326-9445

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Listen to the Internet Radio Show

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Angel Readings with Ann Marie on a snowy Friday morning. 347-326-9445
Your Angels are speaking to you. Hear them? Feel them? Connect your Angels with Ann Maries’ angels. Get maximum clarity, a fast connection, and down to earth advice on romance, career and all things life.
The coffees on. Don’t forget to feed the dog. Call 347-326-9445  



Join the coffee chat room. Call 347-326-9445
10:00 AM Central, 11:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM Mountain, 8:00 AM Pacific



My name is Annie O’Dell.  I Co Host an Intuitive Blog Talk radio show called “The Brass Ovary” with my spiritual sister, Adrienne  Austin, and my own Angel Reading show called “Brain Bling Psychic Theatre.”   

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