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David M. Baker * Spirit Medium & Author * Achieve Radio

Medium & Author, David M. Baker, rides the Yin of spirituality as he manages the yang position of deputy sheriff.



Author of “The Spirit Garden” David discusses: PSYCHIC CHILDREN: Have they always been on earth unrecognized until now? WHAT IS SPIRIT ENERGY? And how do we go about tuning into a higher frequency? HEALERS: What is the most valuable dynamic besides spirit itself for serving? THE VEIL: What is it anyway? PAST LIFE CONNECTIONS: Do they have both good and bad lessons to teach us? Readings followed interview.



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There is something about the autumn that has my inner child kicking for joy! Wonderful crunchy leaves bring back my childhood as I walk in colorful splendor. It’s as if we get to gather  jewels from gold and orange Maple trees before the snow flies.  Renaissance Fairs, Fairy Music, woodland earth and joy are in the air!  And then it hits us:


Autumn can also trigger anxiety as approaching fuel bills and full time inside stay for snow birds approaches. Whether with pets, kids or alone, this can be cozy at first, but also cut one off to hermit life. I can only imagine what the pioneers must have felt in a one room cabin with 5 children. One needs a plan, a strategy, to survive.

Autumn Renaissance Fairs & Psychic Reading

Autumn = Renaissance music. I love the drums, flute, lutes and chants. A once a year Renn. fair in the woods has me preparing my dome tent, collecting dried flowers, herbs and colorful ribbons in indigo, orange, red and brown to hang on the outside and inside of my Psychic Reading tent. {After the fair I border my living room with my Autumn Jewels.} In my Renaissance tent, out of sight, a battery operated CD player lilts with Henry the VIII music, as well as “Faun” to add beauty and history to the atmosphere for clients.


You too can enjoy an Autumn woodland reading. As I gaze out at Maple trees before me, I will read on YOUR romance, career or life strategy. Like the Renaissance, my Intuitive Reading experience is ancient with over 3o yrs reading experience, and over 15,000 client feed backs for you to review.

Click for Autumn Phone Reading & see my Feed back.

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Today, I will gather jewels of wisdom from woodland Maples for YOU.

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