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Nov 30, 2011

Listed in Best Psychics Directory, in service to the light for over twenty years, raised a devoted Illinois Catholic, Katie Starnes has been connecting with guides, loved ones and the energy of beloved pets upon her metaphysical spiritual awakening at the loss of a brother at 9. Host and Master Tarot Reader 37 yrs, Ann Marie, joins for 2 readings per call.             888-235-7374       Listen or Watch LIVE on Achieve TV.  Click on the little rainbow TV on Achieve page
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A news flash reads “Bones found on island might be Amelia Earnhardt’s.” A psychic reading confirms Yes and that her cast away time on the island may have been her greatest true adventure of survival, and what her flying exploits had been intuitively preparing her for from the start.


Was Nikumaroro Island, about 1,800 miles south of Hawaii, where Amelia died a cast away?

Yes. Amelia’s addiction to sacrifice to the public eye is what killed her. She did not mind, at first, the islands test of her endurance. She was a tom boy, fire maker and a “Survival Island” contestant before it’s time. In the early days of the wreck, she is seen fantasizing herself in a   “Swiss Family Robinson” story plot. She believed she would be saved just as all great adventure story characters do. She did a lot of Zen contemplation on the island and had she lived, the island would have been Amelia’s 40 days and 40 nights of the wilderness. She would have come back a completely changed person.

Did Amelia die alone with the sand crabs?

Yes. The crabs at first were her audience and she would even speak to them. The crabs were relentless and always around her watching. She had a love hate for them. When her spirits were completely down, the crabs were her only companionship. In the end, as if sentenced to die at the inquisition, the crabs quietly and efficiently were Amelia’s pall bearers as they took her body parts to the sea and their homes.

Did the man she was with survive the crash?

No. Unhappily and unfairly, the man died right away. His dream was Amelia’s fame and the coat tails he hung on to. She could not commit to him in the end. In the name of survival, Amelia abandoned him an unhappy man.

“What were her last moments like? What was she doing? What happened?”

Amelia sat peacefully watching the water, completely balanced, as if she had come upon a great big realization. The scales were balanced now. The power she held before the plane wreck on the island was the price she paid for sacrifice to fame, fortune and worship of the public eye. The TRUE ADVENTURE was survival on the island. She died living an adventure. Her captive audience, the crabs, never left her side. They consumed her in the end.

What was she doing?

Every moment was a struggle for Amelia. To eat and catch drinking water took strategy and patience. She had neither. She learned how to catch and eat what consumed her in the end. It was a balanced existence of daily mundane struggle and inner contemplation as she realized the irony of her final adventure. Her brilliant mind kept her from going crazy.

She was a gentle soul. Delicate and small boned she adapted well to the tasks of catching fish, building fires, and in her mind imagined the Goddess she hoped to be for the public eye, was who she actually was for the true grit of survival on the island.. She did a lot of thinking. Her small body became pathetically thin. But this was not what killed her. She did not die of starvation.

In all actuality Amelia was happy with her simple tried adventure to death. It was what she was running from, flying from and in escape from to begin with. She realized the island always had been her final test, the adventure she had been working up to. She lay remnants of broken make up jars and shells in positions she hoped would be found later for a mysterious and intriguing archeology find, a tribute to her once civil life.

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Eric Linter * International Astrology Consultant at Tarot Joy

Eric Linter’s international consulting practice is based in Norfolk, MA. His readings provide clear insights into complex issues and give clients direction in a confusing world. From Moscow to Maui, Eric has developed a loyal following over the past

Master Tarot joins Master Astrology with Ann Marie O’Dell and Eric Linter.  After earning a BFA at Boston University, he studied astrology and the esoteric arts with the renowned Grande Dame of American astrologers, Isabel M. Hickey. Eric later received certification as a Holistic Health Counselor from Heartwood College in Santa Cruz, CA where he attended classes with astrologer Robert Cole.

A gifted intuitive, teacher and speaker, Eric has both led and produced a wide range of transformational seminars. Also a trained rebirther and past-life regression therapist, he applied his artistic talent and knowledge of the occult to co-create The Miracle Cards, a New Age Tarot. Today Eric lives in eastern Massachusetts with his wife and two dogs.

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Ann Marie ~Certified Master Tarot Channeler~ Angel Readings ~ Spirit Messages

The Angel Mobile is coming to the rescue! Call 888-235-7374 for a message reading with Ann Marie.

Feeling Fuzzy? Indigo and Intuitive Master Tarot Channeler, Ann Marie, will peer through the cards as if little TVs onto your life. Get high accuracy, a fast connection and total honesty.


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Wednesday September 22nd, 2010
6:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific
Free Call In Reading: {888}235-7374

Full Moon Readings with Bunny Sings Wolf and Ann Marie
Embrace Spirit with 2 Full Moon Dream readings! Vision Quest your greatest harvest empowerment with Bunny Sings Wolf and Ann Marie. Call 888-235-7374

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She rides in on the full moon of each 4th week with dream readings, full moon empowerment messages, and totem animal knowledge. Joyful, warm and filled with laughter Bunny Sings Wolf joins  us floating in on a Moon Beam for 2 readings per call from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Join Master Tarot Reader, Ann Marie with Shaman Woman, Bunny Sings Wolf for harvest readings on the seeds you have planted in 2010.

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6:00PM Eastern, Listen Here

Even Jesus took a Bitch Pill * Boundaries and Readings in the Now by Ann Marie.  Psychic Pinging and Spiritual Journey Angel Communication on the Power of first names by Ann Marie; Psychic adviser since 1970 on financial forecast, career, love, spirit path and pets.
Ann Marie will give you the truth exactly as she sees it. {See Ann’s 15,000+ client feed backs}

Ann Marie, Intuitive since 1970, channels on all things life and spirit. She reminds you of Boundaries and that even Jesus took a Bitch Pill. Angel Messages and Tarot Channeling on all things life and spirit, Ann Marie will not sugar coat your reading and lead you astray. What would your angels tell you if they could? Psychic Pinging on the power of names is a way to call forth energy like a satellite on your best coarse of action. Tarot gives the strategy. See her feed back:


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This mornings show is on Winter Feng Shui, Journaling to develop intuition and Chakra Sweaters. Whats your favorite funky sweater say about you? Live Psychic Advice Readings on romance, career and spiritual unrest will be given as well as a push to clear your living space,  relationship or even career anxiety.  Don’t forget the coffee.


Click to hear show on Winter Feng Shui * Free Psychic Readings {646}378-1981

 The Brass Ovary Psychic Radio Show

 Date / Time: {Today!}12/2/2009

 Time: 10:30AM Eastern, 9:30 AM Central, 7:30 AM Pacific

 Category: Paranormal

Feng Shui your Winter Pad. Get tips for common sense Intuition. Journal your gut feelings. FREE Psychic Pajama Readings on romance, career, spirit & Life! Thunder Alert! Spirit Sister Adrienne will be back next week to join the show. This show will help to clear energy and release depression.

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