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When all is quiet, can you hear the sound of your heart beat and nervous system? Did you know that many light workers tune in to this “internal orchestra” like a metal detector?  Light workers and Angel Readers, Healers of Reiki, Hot Stones  and Massage, as well as Channeled Psychic Advisers, all gather information from this internal angel frequency.  I like to think of this “going within” as accessing the Song of Angels.

One must train themselves to hear their internal angel frequency. Try this:

  • Pay attention to the sound of your heart beat first, and then a very high note …this is your inner nervous system, your personal angel signature note.
  • It will at first be undetectable, but you have heard this note in your most quiet of times, when the orchestra of your own heart beat and nervous system combine.
  • Now ask your self a question you KNOW the answer to.  Which side of your body does the high frequency go to?  Left, Center, or right?
  • Keep doing this exercise until you can consistently hear and feel the difference.
  • Some will actually feel more then they hear, the difference in their body.
  • One side of your body will be your trained “No”.
  • The other side, {or center} of your body, will be your trained “yes.”

Have you ever seen someone tap their foot to a silent rhythm, or rock to music that can’t be heard by you? Guess what? They are tuning in to their Angel music.


I met a Reiki Healer that worked with the aid of her nervous system frequencies. For a long time I have been aware of three layers of sound within ….a High, Middle and Low Note.  In this case the healer used her inner angel song to spot blockages in the body.  I learned that each of us assigns a different meaning to our inner frequencies.  What one determines as a yes or no, blockage or balanced signal is as unique as the hand you write with.  For myself, I use them as a tool to aid in intuitive reading, as well as Reiki. Here are my internal “Metal Detector” angel meanings:

Notes I listen for as I channel:

HIGH note= satellite pinging {I am beginning to channel}
MIDDLE note = “Getting Warm”
LOW note
= “Target Bulls eye”

How delighted I was that these same 3 internal frequencies can be used in Reiki Healing. I have found also that when I am too tired, or too energy depleted, I can not hear or “feel” my internal Angel frequencies.  This is when its time to do less.

Next time your alone, turn off the TV, music, and seek a quiet place.  Be aware of the Angel Symphony going on within you, a heart beat for bass, and a singing nervous system.  This is your “tool” for intuition for:

  • Simple Yes or No answers
  • Driving direction aid
  • Warnings

Like anything else, it takes patience and practice.  Your angels are speaking.  Hear them?

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SKYPE to SKYPE Recorded Psychic Readings

When ordering a Skype to Skype, face to face video reading,  you are in Ann Marie’s cyber office receiving a private  session.  You see each other, can laugh and get to the heart of your concern in a more bonding session.  After your recorded reading,  your session will be sent to your email address.  All readings, whether by Phone, Text or Skype, are paid in advance with Pay Pal, and scheduled in advance with Ann Marie.  And in answer to the title, ACCURACY is what counts, not the tool that’s used.


Online Phone or Skype Reading *

Here is an example of a Skype to Skype in person reading.  Ann Marie’s client gave full permission to publish this session.  Your privacy is sacred.  Videos are never published unless you give AUDIO permission.

37+ Yrs Experience

As a Certified Intuitive Light Worker since 1970, it is Ann Marie’s mission to aid in the answers and concerns of your life chapter through psychic phone, skype to skype, chat, or radio advice readings. Each one of us must go through what the Bible refers to as “the 40 days and 40 nights of the desert.” Constant life choices are presented before us. At times the burden is so heavy we are overwhelmed and these are the times we reach out for help and guidance from Light Workers.

It is Ann Marie’s belief  “The future is changeable with your wise actions and the guidance of your Angels and God.Ann Marie is an Intuitive friend along your journey. You will never be encouraged to be dependent on her and your privacy is sacred.

FACING FEAR: Love, Career, Spirit
Find inner peace for job interviews, dating, friendships and access  your highest dreams. An online Intuitive Counseling with Ann Marie offers a personal one to one feeling that you can play over and over.  Your session, Skype to Skype, is recorded and sent to your email address after your session.

Ann Marie’s Reading Options:
Psychic Phone, Text, Radio or Skype to Skype!
the future is changeable according to your wise actions!

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There it was. Like a suicide bomber they ran in to your day and killed you with their words. It made no sense. You clawed wildly for something brutal to say that would destroy them back. In the middle of a conversation, broad day light, they destroyed your happiness and brought up something totally unrelated.. You were in a great mood. Why had they ruined it? And the worst part? They defended what was said and refused to see the hurt of their words. You cried or yelled. They stormed off. Has this ever happened to you?


So why did you do that? Why did you let their words turn you into a spitting wild cat? You know you admire the wise smirk of a person in control, {you know the one.} That person who lets the words of another slide off like ooze, pauses, slaps them with a cold stare, WINS! Some how that total sense of confident control has people apologizing. Screaming and crying turns a win, into an out of control train. If your lucky it works itself out. But remember:

• A screaming email message can’t be taken back. {You lose}
• Refusing a genuine apology, ruins a beautiful friendship. {You lose}
• Shutting a family member or friend out for a stupid moment, means one less friend you treasured. {You lose}
• Physical hurtful revenge puts you in jail. {You lose.}
• Work Place violence can get you fired. {You lose.}
• An angry scream on a sports field can ruin your image. {You lose.}
• A scream at the boss or president chances a ruined career. {You lose.}



  • If friends are too close to the subject matter, a voice of honesty lets you talk your anger through
  • A psychic can show you the aftermath of your rage.
  • Calling a Psychic before lashing back in anger just may be the best action you made for the day.
  • Psychic Readers help you to WIN!

Compassionate readings with 38 yrs reading experience

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