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“Coming out” for Gay men, women, embracing our Ying/Yang & Unconditional Love were deliciously summed up in one breakfast omelet with Kevin Lewis. You can almost hear the old whistling intro of the 70’s song “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” as Kevin explains: Judgment, Atlantis, helping a child to embrace who they are. Michael Jackson’s frozen childhood, Dan Choi’s nightmare with the service as a brilliant gay linguistic, Atlantis, Gay warriors and Kevin’s New Book, “”Coming Out”, the Road to Unconditional Love”

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Ann Marie solos the show today as Sister Adrienne visits New York.

Call on your life problem for over 30 Yrs Certifed National Psychic Phone Counseling with Ann Marie on Romance, Career, Dreams, Pets & even House Energy.  Call {646}378-1981

When: 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 8:30am Mountain, 7:30am Eastern

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She gazed deeply into a photo searching for an answer…a message. She could feel it there.  What was it?   Why not get a photograph Reading?  

  A photo of a child, an interesting property, a pet or even a message from beyond carries an energy grid.  Just scan your photo, attach it to your question and recieve your Psychic Photograph Email Reading.  You are in the hands of 37+ Yrs Certified Psychic Reading Experience.

Magic room
© Photographer: Vadkoz | Agency: Dreamstim.com

Give your first name and a simple question about the subject in the phot


Laptop at home
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Couple of young lovers



Bride's bouquet
© Photographer: Rfoxphoto | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Will the wedding be Perfect? How do they feel?



© Photographer: Henrischmit | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Real Estate Reading – What is the Energy within the Building? Should you live there?



Peony fan
© Photographer: Vvvstep | Agency: Dreamstime.com

How is your Pet? Are they ok?   What do they need you to know?



Little photographer girl
© Photographer: Newphotoservice | Agency: Dreamstime.com

CHILDREN – Whats going on?  Are they adjusting? What do they need from you?



Senior couple looking at old photographs.
© Photographer: Niserin | Agency: Dreamstime.com




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