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Zen Gold Readings with Ann Marie * Live Radio & TV
6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific

Dec 14, 2011

Want some Zen Gold? See with clarity the dynamics of your life. Expect soft wordage with direct honesty! Receive 37 yrs Master Tarot Reading experience, with 22,000 client feed backs. Ann Marie, a Rainbow Crone Wise Woman, is a member of Best Psychics Directory. Click on the rainbow TV to listen, or watch Ann Marie and Lily, the 100 yr old dress cage, live on Achieve TV.             888-235-7374
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6:00PM New York, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Californi
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From the Netherlands to You
September 15th, Wednesday
Time: 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern
Call in for Reading: 888-235-7374

The lights glow softly on a fine boned small woman sitting cross legged in meditation on a Persian Rug.  The soothing chord of “C” resonators in a full “Ommmmmmm.” A  3 minute silence impregnates the air with spiritual inner peace, vibrating within, full expectation.. When she speaks her voice is soft, beautiful and commanding.  She tells of her journey as a spiritualist, how she is you, and how to redesign your path, as she did, to full glory from despair to all you can be. She reads into your energy, shows you what she sees in her minds eye for you.  From her Netherlands Spiritual shop, “Sathanama” will  be interviewed and give her visions with Ann Marie, on “Tarot Joy” Wednesdays, September 15 at Achieve Radio, 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

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An Interview with Spiritual Author & Intuitive: Kevin Lewis

Friday: July 3, 2009
11:00am Eastern,10:00am Central,9:00am Mountain,8:00am Pacific

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Gay Spiritualism is on the cusp of a metamorphosis. Religions that embrace the gentle warrior, yet condemn the Yin/Yang path are facing a dilemma. Perhaps no one represents this more then Lt. Dan Choi, West Point graduate and fluid Arabic linguistic discharged Wednesday for admitting he is Gay. Kevin Lewis speaks out on the journey of “Coming out”, the road to Unconditional Love as a gay man & lesbian woman.   Following the interview will be Free Intuitive Readings and Life Counseling with Kevin and Ann Marie. {347}326-9445 


1} In the history of so many religions, the path of the “gentle warrior” is not only preached, but led by Ying / Yang personalities.

  •  Yin/Yang ” gentle warrior,”  Dan Choi, a West Point graduate and fluent Arabic linguistic is  discharged by the service for admitting he is Gay.  Why?   The service fears other Gay soldiers may “come out”.
  • Jesus and Buddha preached love, compassion, peace, turning the other cheek, and abstaining from material gluttony.
  • Led by all male clergy, it seemed this message was often all talk and no walk. Gentle male qualities are OPPOSITE the Macho Man image, but known all too well is that countless mighty soldiers through history have been gay.
  • Has the time come to stop preaching and start acting in Unconditional Love?
  • Is “coming out” for the Gay male and Lesbian woman as much their responsibility in a soft warrior approach as they enlighten the planet?

Dan Choi, ethical gifted soldier, speaks fluent Arabic, discharged for “coming out” 6/30/09 

2} When one “Comes Out”, whether male or female, they are embracing Ying/Yang . Both male and female energies exist in each of us. “Which comes first……the chicken or the egg?”

  • In other words does the sexuality come before the spiritual epiphany?
  • or is there a spiritual light bulb pop of self acceptance, first, that allows one to embrace their sexuality as a gay male and lesbian woman?
  • Is this what it means to “come out” in unconditional love?

3} Is the Gay Spiritualist outstandingly adapted to be a preacher of unconditional love?

  • In other words, “does it take a victim to understand the victim?”
  • Does it take the ability for a spiritualist to be in touch with their yin/yang, to fully understand what they are preaching when they say the words “Unconditional Love”?

4} Kevin Lewis speaks on his personal journey from the perspective of the Gay man and Lesbian woman “coming out”.

Intuitive Phone Readings & Life Coaching will follow the interview.





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