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She visits today on horse back to the crystal coven.  Bunny Sings Wolf joins Ann Marie with a buffalo pouch of Shaman wise woman wisdom, original award winning CD music and history on the full moon Lakota woman ways.  What does spirit need you to know? Call in and get 2 readings per call. 347-326-94455

TIME: 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Eastern
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Sunday: 2:00 Pm Eastern, 1:00PM Central, 12:00PM Mountain, 11:00AM Pacific
Paranormal Theater * Psychic Survival Readings 888-235-7374
Welcome to the Crystal Coven & Lily the Ghost

Ann Marie and Ghostly “Lily” have Spiritual Tea on a stormy Sunday. Psychic Survival Readings on your Highway Crisis will be channeled on the Pink Chakra Psychic Line. Ann Marie speaks on “Obsessive Love, Why did he back off?” Call for your Free Sunday Reading: Toll Free US & Canada: 888-235-7374

Phoenix: 602-412-4949
International Listeners Skype Us FREE!

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You reach out to friends but frankly they are tired of hearing about the love, worry or problem you are having. Guess what? You need 9-1-1 Psychic Strategy. Just call Ann Marie who will treat you like a friend at the coffee house. With over 30 years Certified Psychic Counseling experience, you are in great hands. Call for your 9-1-1 Psychic Strategy Reading on romance, career or spiritual unrest this morning.

Time: TODAY: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific

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Call {347}326-9445

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DEAR GOD WHY CAN’T HE GET OUT OF MY HEAD? You say no to drugs; no to cigarettes. But no one ever says “Say No to someone in your Head”. It’s as if you can feel their emotions. Maybe days pass, even years, and there they are stuck in your dreams. Honey its time to say NO to telepathic love.

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Ann Marie faces the howling winds of 9-11 and asks: Lost? Fearful? Fallen towers and Voices from beyond start today’s show. Then, Has love become like a 9-11 crisis? Is someone locked in your head Telepathically? Seek the advice of Ann Marie, National Psychic Adviser 30+ yrs.

Ann Marie, a Keen Reader, hosts “Angel Bling Psychic Theater” with an Imaginary ghost “Lily” who speaks in the language of creaky rocking chair. Listen to the show and see if you too would like a reading with her.


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Click here to listen to Radio Breakfast Interview with Kevin Lewis

“Coming out” for Gay men, women, embracing our Ying/Yang & Unconditional Love were deliciously summed up in one breakfast omelet with Kevin Lewis. You can almost hear the old whistling intro of the 70’s song “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” as Kevin explains: Judgment, Atlantis, helping a child to embrace who they are. Michael Jackson’s frozen childhood, Dan Choi’s nightmare with the service as a brilliant gay linguistic, Atlantis, Gay warriors and Kevin’s New Book, “”Coming Out”, the Road to Unconditional Love”

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TODAY! 10:30 AM Eastern, 9:30 AM Central, 7:30 AM Pacific
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 As Obama saves the day in Spider Man comic book, my “Phoebe Buffay cold” {and sultry voice} of last week leave,  reminding me of the irony of tough times.  Why mention a  Phoebe episode?  Suddenly all the coffee house people that didn’t listen to her sing before, applaud passionately at her raw, sore throat Stevie Nicks sound.  It’s when she got well they stopped listening.   We love our rebel super heros!  Tough times bring wonderful stories and hero’s for books, television and movies to come.   What irony will your tough time bring?  



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