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Clik on the radio to hear Ann Maries  “9-11 Voices from Beyond.”  Listen carefully and you may hear the voices speaking to you in the wind.


Ann Marie faces the howling winds of 9-11 and asks: Lost? Fearful? Fallen towers and Voices from beyond start today’s show. Surprisingly when reading on messages from 9-11 voices, they were not angry.   They offer insight to Generation 9-11 to cherish………    The buildings fell. The wind blew; all a preview of what’s to come in the future as man kinds mighty towers fall.


Also discussed was “Telepathic Love”


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When Cindy died many years ago paranormal activity began to happen in the house.  Little foot steps could be heard in the halls, cold unexpected temperatures and electrical disturbances.  It wasn’t bad energy, but as if the room got locked in its own hologram of little Cindy’s essence.  What happened next was a shame.

Unknowingly, the old Iowa house was rented out in the 90’s to an out of town satanic ritual group,  arrested for ceremonies and rumored animal sacrifice beneath the town bridge.  Some of these rituals were going on in the basement of “Cindy’s House”.    Something happened in the”feel” of the house.  No one wanted to live there anymore and if they did they moved out quickly.

Today, as the house was burned down, I took photos of Cindy’s  room.  Just as it was in the past, as if locked in its time-hologram, it stayed untouched by flames until the roof caved in and the house crashed to the ground.  I took pictures of the event…and Cindy’s freedom to walk in light. 

 Click on the Burning house to see a photo video of “The House Burning”.



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Ann Marie & Lily the Ghost offer tea & Angel Counseling.   Tornado winds blow & Lily’s rocking chair squeeks, as Ann Marie discusses the lonely path of those “too kind”.   Ann Marie, a Certified Master Tarot Reader 38 yrs, has over 13,000 client feedbacks at Keen.   Click to see Ann Marie’s Intuitive Feedback

Today’s DiscussionEven Jesus took a Bitch Pill, Remember your “solo” mate, Al-anon, Art, Psychic Readings,  Does a true channeler use tools? Lily the ghost, color vibration, Bunny Sings Wolf music,


Are you feeling totally frustrated that your kindness is not appreciated? 


  •   Why is it that your open easy compassion sucks in wounded birds that leave  you?   
  • Ever notice how those with most friends are often the ones that make people earn their respect? 
  • It is important to remember that friends, children and even pets need boundaries. 
  •  Being  too kind can be seen as needy or weak.  
  •  Jesus knew how to place boundaries.  His decuples earned his love and respect. 
  • Let the rules be broken and Jesus was capable of throwing chicken crates in anger. 
  •  Isn’t  it time you too set boundaries?  
  • Join the tornado winds, and Prairie wisdom of Ann Marie & Lily
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