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Grab a cup of Coffee and have an Angel Reading!

Call {347}326-9445

Friday Morning: 10/23/2009 10:00am Eastern, 9:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

Click Here to Listen to Show {It’s Internet Radio}

Friday Morning: 10/23/2009 10:00am Eastern, 9:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

Connect your Angel with Ann Marie’s for Friday Morning Psychic Advice on Romance, Career and Life. Have an Angel Bling Reading with 38 yrs Tarot Channeling exp. {Time to time Lily, a Church Ghost, will make an appearance through creaking rocking chairs.} It’s Psychic Theater too!  Call 347-326-9445

“Lily” is Ann Marie’s Ghostly Radio  Co Host

Call-in Number for Free Reading: (347) 326-9445

Topics Ann Marie will Discuss

@ Do Horror Movies create electrical imprints within us? Can we Haunt our selves and our Environment with unexplained Phenomena?

@ What is the Difference between “Reading” Tarot and “Channeling” Tarot?

See Ann Marie’s 15,000 client feedbacks:

Psychic Master Tarot Reader 38 Yrs and National Phone Adviser, Ann Marie, gives a show of old time Radio theater and Master Tarot Phone Advice. Call {347}326-9445


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ST8NE WALKER; Sacred Dream Messages, TAROT, Hot Stone Healing & Shaman Women.
Internet Radio – Today 5/22/09   click here to listen to show
Time: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Eastern

What is an Earth Wisdom Keeper? What are Sacred Stone Tablets?   What is a Shaman Woman?   What dynamic has licensed spiritualism created for the poor? What is the NATIVE path of Hot Stone Healing? What are Dream Message Songs? {FREE Black Hills Stone Wisdom & Prairie Tornado Tarot Readings follow Interview}, with Bunny Sings Wolf & Ann Marie. Call {347}326-9445

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2 Earth Angels Cheer and help for Free! 646-378-1981

The Brass Ovary

Date / Time: Today! Wednesday 2/25/2009

Time / 10:50 PM Eastern, 9:30 AM Central, 8:30 AM Mountain, 7:30 AM Pacific

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 378-1981

2 Earth Angels give Fast Psychic Accuracy Connections, Spiritual lessons and Joy; Call National Tarot Readers, Adrienne & Ann Marie, for 80 Yrs Client Counseling Exp.

Click here for Private Reading After Show

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