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Time: 11:00AM Eastern, 10:00AM Central, 8:00AM Pacific

Free Professional Psychic Advice call {347}326-9445


Who needs Psychic Survival? Anyone that is going through tough confusing times. Free Psychic Readings are broadcast live from computer. Friends can gather around a computer, while another calls in to the show on their cell phone. Afterwords, they can listen to their recorded reading.

The Angel Mobil is coming to the Rescue with Ann Marie O’Dell, Professional Intuitive Reader over 38 years.  Today we will talk about Cleopatra, and how to make a manly-mans duct tape Easter Basket. Kick off your Easter Week end with a FREE professional reading on your tornado life crisis? Call:{347}326-9445


Ann Marie O’Dell – over 15,000 client feed backs
High Psychic Accuracy, Fast Connection, Certified


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SUNDAY TIME: 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 8:00pm Pacific

It’s Internet Radio! {Bring your Favorite Stone for a Message Reading} or Spirit Readings

{2 Equinox Readings per Call!}
Walking Stones * What IS “Stone Nation.” {The stone you were drawn to has a message for you.} I trust Spirit will speak through me to “know” their meaning for you.

Many indigenous tribes have long understood the powerful energies held in “the rock”. “Bunny Sings Wolf” explains Walking Stones and Stone Nation. Call in for 2 Equinox Readings per Call. Bring your favorite stone.
2 Equinox Readings per Call at Achieve Radio
{Your Soul Journey for the Year}

Toll Free Call! {888}235-7374

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Sunday Romance Readings on Achieve Radio
Feb 28, 2010

{888-235-7374} Telepathic Love Readings.  Call for yours! Do you Feel His Thoughts? How to “Block” telepathic love. What are the 3 levels of Telepathic Communication? Ann Marie, a Psychic Romance Councilor over 38 years, will read on the name and intentions of the one you desire. Ann Marie, a Professional Strategy Reader for Empowering Life Choices reads on Relationships, Career, Family, Creative Pursuit, Office Dispute, Pets, Spiritual Unrest. 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pac.
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Healers Event

Time 2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central, 12:00 PM Mountain, 11:00 AM Pac.
1 Hr of Free Professional Readings
Location Internet Psychic Radio
Achieve Radio
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For Free Reading: 888-235-7374

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TIME: Wednesday * 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 7:30am Pacific


Show Name:

Goddess Sisters of Crone Hill * Master Tarot Readers {646}378-1981

Length: 1 hr
@Click the radio to hear the show@

Call 646-378-1981 for 2 free radio readings

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Sunday: January 17, 2010 from 1pm to 2pm
Location: Achieve Internet Radio
Website or Map: http://achieveradio.com/ann-m…
Phone: 888-235-7374
Event Type: free psychic radio readings

Event Description

High Psychic Accuracy, Fast Connection and a kind Sense of Humor are high points of Ann Marie’s 30+ Yrs Certified Master Tarot Readings. {Since 1970!} 15,000+ Client Testimonies point out her Angel Readings are honest, flow like silk and get to the point fast. REMEMBER! Ann Marie does not believe in fluff readings, which lead you to hanging on to hurtful situations. If your ready for the truth, Ann Marie encourages you to “fall into her arms.” Today’s Matinee: A haunting call leads to a visit to Lily’s Church Attic. 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pacific

Ann Marie has over 30 years Master Tarot Reading Exp.
For Free Sunday Radio Reading:  347-326-9445

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Sunday: 2:00 Pm Eastern, 1:00PM Central, 12:00PM Mountain, 11:00AM Pacific
Paranormal Theater * Psychic Survival Readings 888-235-7374
Welcome to the Crystal Coven & Lily the Ghost

Ann Marie and Ghostly “Lily” have Spiritual Tea on a stormy Sunday. Psychic Survival Readings on your Highway Crisis will be channeled on the Pink Chakra Psychic Line. Ann Marie speaks on “Obsessive Love, Why did he back off?” Call for your Free Sunday Reading: Toll Free US & Canada: 888-235-7374

Phoenix: 602-412-4949
International Listeners Skype Us FREE!

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Grab a cup of Coffee and have an Angel Reading!

Call {347}326-9445

Friday Morning: 10/23/2009 10:00am Eastern, 9:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

Click Here to Listen to Show {It’s Internet Radio}

Friday Morning: 10/23/2009 10:00am Eastern, 9:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

Connect your Angel with Ann Marie’s for Friday Morning Psychic Advice on Romance, Career and Life. Have an Angel Bling Reading with 38 yrs Tarot Channeling exp. {Time to time Lily, a Church Ghost, will make an appearance through creaking rocking chairs.} It’s Psychic Theater too!  Call 347-326-9445

“Lily” is Ann Marie’s Ghostly Radio  Co Host

Call-in Number for Free Reading: (347) 326-9445

Topics Ann Marie will Discuss

@ Do Horror Movies create electrical imprints within us? Can we Haunt our selves and our Environment with unexplained Phenomena?

@ What is the Difference between “Reading” Tarot and “Channeling” Tarot?

See Ann Marie’s 15,000 client feedbacks:

Psychic Master Tarot Reader 38 Yrs and National Phone Adviser, Ann Marie, gives a show of old time Radio theater and Master Tarot Phone Advice. Call {347}326-9445

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