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Date / Time: 8/28/2009 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

Need Survival Strategy on love, career or Spirit? {347}326-9445

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9445

Funky Fog City Psychic joins Ann Marie for Wise Woman straight to the point advice offering 2 Psychic Radio readings per call. No Nonsence advice on romance, career and spirit add just a touch of hilarity to warm your call up as if having coffee with two good friends. Make this Psychic Advice Morning a must! Call or just listen on your computer. {347}326-9445


I’m an intuitive guide and psychic channel who specializes in helping people who are in transition to make Spirit-informed decisions about their paths. I’m passionate about helping people connect with their Higher Guidance so they can be empowered to move forward with clarity and confidence.


Called by some “the Velvet Hammer,” National Psychic Phone Adviser, Ann Marie tells the truth exactly as she sees it with quick efficient accuracy. The “velvet” comes in her soft delivery, influenced by certified hypnotherapy. When she hits an Intuitive “trance” her voice changes and readings flow like silk. Reading since 1971, Ann Marie reads on all things life and spirit.


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8/14/09 George David Fryer from London, looks from the corner of his eyes and paints portraits of the amazing spirit essence surrounding his clients. Seen in Spiritual magazines and lectures in Europe, George teaches the message of Co Creating your own existence on earth, and the influence of Master Guides from Spirit Workers to Serial Killers. Join our Spirit Chat room or listen as you work. It’s Internet Psychic Radio. 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific.

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Category: Paranormal – Wednesday Mornings! 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central

Call-in Number: (646) 378-1981

Free Double Psychic Readings with beloved National Phone Advisers, Adrienne & Annie, covered today:

  • A 22 yr old man wonders how to find love.
  • Adrienne & Annie offer book titles and suggest learning body language and a softer less needy approach.
  • A woman with much death in the family wonders what the result of NOT tending to 2 drug addicted brothers
  • A wise woman who has supported everyone is exhausted and wonders, “What can I expect if I let go?”
  • An impatient CAT is read on, and what its opinion of its overwhelmed owner is. {We told her what the cat needed her to know.}
  • Experience 2 Wednesday Morning Psychic Kitchen Readings with 80+ yrs Professional Psychic accuracy in the sunshine of Adrienne & Annie’s energy. Call {646}378-1981

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“Coming out” for Gay men, women, embracing our Ying/Yang & Unconditional Love were deliciously summed up in one breakfast omelet with Kevin Lewis. You can almost hear the old whistling intro of the 70’s song “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” as Kevin explains: Judgment, Atlantis, helping a child to embrace who they are. Michael Jackson’s frozen childhood, Dan Choi’s nightmare with the service as a brilliant gay linguistic, Atlantis, Gay warriors and Kevin’s New Book, “”Coming Out”, the Road to Unconditional Love”

Click here to see book & reviews in Amazon

Click here to see book in Barnes & Nobles 

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Internet Radio Channelings by Ann Marie O’Dell

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 Michael Jackson & Farah Faucett were channeled for messages from beyond through Tarot Channeling’s by Ann Marie. Their energy, still so fresh, was incredibly strong. Readings were smooth as silk and reverberated with very strong essence. Ann Marie, known as “The Velvet Hammer”, is a National Psychic Phone Adviser with 30+ yrs Tarot Channeling Exp. Lessons on how to Channel names, tell time frames and seasons in Tarot, as well as how to “go numb” as we read for others were given on this Psychic Radio Program. Belly dancing and sitar music were played at break.

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ST8NE WALKER; Sacred Dream Messages, TAROT, Hot Stone Healing & Shaman Women.
Internet Radio – Today 5/22/09   click here to listen to show
Time: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Eastern

What is an Earth Wisdom Keeper? What are Sacred Stone Tablets?   What is a Shaman Woman?   What dynamic has licensed spiritualism created for the poor? What is the NATIVE path of Hot Stone Healing? What are Dream Message Songs? {FREE Black Hills Stone Wisdom & Prairie Tornado Tarot Readings follow Interview}, with Bunny Sings Wolf & Ann Marie. Call {347}326-9445

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“Love is a cigarette” I told her.

“TELL ME ABOUT IT!  I can’t quit thinking about him!” Heather exclaimed.

“Even when that person’s not in your life they burn in your thoughts, eh?”

YES! I hate it!”

“No one ever tells us “Warning! Surgeon General says love can be hazardous to your health.”

Heather laughed, agreeing whole heartedly.

“I can’t shake him! We broke up a long time ago.”

That nasty feeling to dial his number or send a text message is as powerful as needing one more cigarette isn’t it? Pure Addiction.



• Ever notice how there is a certain look on someone’s face when they are married or taken?
• It’s like a restaurant with a “Closed For Business” sign in their eyes. Not everyone can read it, but most can.

Truth is sweetie, your wearing a “Closed for Business” sign. Your “wanting” new love but your heart and soul are saying “Hell No!” and the thought of moving into new territory is very scary. Your in the past, out for lunch, and not in the present.

• Your Aura is dirty…..still wearing last weeks clothes.
• You need to be cleansed and freshened to find new love.
• If its too tough to let go, seek therapy or counseling
• Get a weekly hour massage or alternative body work healing
• Just the act of spending money to “cleanse” yourself, is confirmation
• If money is low, join a free Alanon Group for Co Dependents
• Remember that when love becomes addictive, you need help to move on.

Silence screams louder then words.  A person in love can’t stay away from you.  Not happening?   Move on.     Ann Marie, an in-depth Tarot Counselor with 38 yrs National Reading experience and has 2 Internet Psychic Radio Shows.    Listen to Ann Maries show: Love Is a Cigarette {hard to quit} * Tarot Counseling

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