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When all is quiet, can you hear the sound of your heart beat and nervous system? Did you know that many light workers tune in to this “internal orchestra” like a metal detector?  Light workers and Angel Readers, Healers of Reiki, Hot Stones  and Massage, as well as Channeled Psychic Advisers, all gather information from this internal angel frequency.  I like to think of this “going within” as accessing the Song of Angels.

One must train themselves to hear their internal angel frequency. Try this:

  • Pay attention to the sound of your heart beat first, and then a very high note …this is your inner nervous system, your personal angel signature note.
  • It will at first be undetectable, but you have heard this note in your most quiet of times, when the orchestra of your own heart beat and nervous system combine.
  • Now ask your self a question you KNOW the answer to.  Which side of your body does the high frequency go to?  Left, Center, or right?
  • Keep doing this exercise until you can consistently hear and feel the difference.
  • Some will actually feel more then they hear, the difference in their body.
  • One side of your body will be your trained “No”.
  • The other side, {or center} of your body, will be your trained “yes.”

Have you ever seen someone tap their foot to a silent rhythm, or rock to music that can’t be heard by you? Guess what? They are tuning in to their Angel music.


I met a Reiki Healer that worked with the aid of her nervous system frequencies. For a long time I have been aware of three layers of sound within ….a High, Middle and Low Note.  In this case the healer used her inner angel song to spot blockages in the body.  I learned that each of us assigns a different meaning to our inner frequencies.  What one determines as a yes or no, blockage or balanced signal is as unique as the hand you write with.  For myself, I use them as a tool to aid in intuitive reading, as well as Reiki. Here are my internal “Metal Detector” angel meanings:

Notes I listen for as I channel:

HIGH note= satellite pinging {I am beginning to channel}
MIDDLE note = “Getting Warm”
LOW note
= “Target Bulls eye”

How delighted I was that these same 3 internal frequencies can be used in Reiki Healing. I have found also that when I am too tired, or too energy depleted, I can not hear or “feel” my internal Angel frequencies.  This is when its time to do less.

Next time your alone, turn off the TV, music, and seek a quiet place.  Be aware of the Angel Symphony going on within you, a heart beat for bass, and a singing nervous system.  This is your “tool” for intuition for:

  • Simple Yes or No answers
  • Driving direction aid
  • Warnings

Like anything else, it takes patience and practice.  Your angels are speaking.  Hear them?

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Often times when one goes to an Intuitive Reader or Channel, it is easy to wonder how much of the information is based on the Readers issues, or the Seekers.   Many people choose readers who use tools because information coming through Tarot Cards or Stones, which act as “a second opinion”.   When one goes to a channel with out tools…..it is also taking in faith that they are not projecting.


“Numbing Out” is a curious state of mind.  Its the complete ability to block out inner chatter.   The only way I can describe it, is as if a heavy velvet curtain is thrown over the “self”….enabling one to completely focus away from inner chatter.   Those who have dealt with anxiety attacks, may understand “numbing out” as the first step in  stepping away from the inner voice that yells “RUN!!!!!”   Numbing out is also used by those suffering with seizure disorder or to relax when an ‘aura” creates the “tight muscle” reaction.  Numbing out can be used in meditation, or to block out stage fright as well.

However one uses “Numbing Out” , it is an exceptional tool for Psychics that wish to not project their own issues into the reading of a client.

Ann Marie at Achieve Radio and Video, introduces “Out of the Fog” guest, Karen Hager, and discusses “Numbing Out” as well as Intuition.

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From the Netherlands to You
September 15th, Wednesday
Time: 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern
Call in for Reading: 888-235-7374

The lights glow softly on a fine boned small woman sitting cross legged in meditation on a Persian Rug.  The soothing chord of “C” resonators in a full “Ommmmmmm.” A  3 minute silence impregnates the air with spiritual inner peace, vibrating within, full expectation.. When she speaks her voice is soft, beautiful and commanding.  She tells of her journey as a spiritualist, how she is you, and how to redesign your path, as she did, to full glory from despair to all you can be. She reads into your energy, shows you what she sees in her minds eye for you.  From her Netherlands Spiritual shop, “Sathanama” will  be interviewed and give her visions with Ann Marie, on “Tarot Joy” Wednesdays, September 15 at Achieve Radio, 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

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Date / Time: Friday 12/18/2009 {today!}
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GUEST MEDIUM, Debbie Edwards, is back by popular demand and joins Ann Marie for 2 Psychic Readings per Call. Debbie Edwards, a fourth generation Channaler teaches classes on After Death Communication. Call 347-326-9445 Debbi Edwards has also conducted private and group sessions for After Death Communication, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Animal Messenger Readings, Remote viewing of both residential and commercial properties to assess spirit activity/hauntings, Dream Interpretations and more. Call 347-326-9445

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This Morning  10/16/09
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Show Starts: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific
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Ann Marie,a National Psychic Romance Councilor for 38 Yrs, will read on your patterns and loves, as well as career and emotional sadness.  Gay or Straight, love is in the air. Wake up confused?  Wonder about their feelings, intentions and where its going?  What is getting in your way of love?  Come with an open mind and get on line early.  No question is denied.  Call {347}326-9445 

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ST8NE WALKER; Sacred Dream Messages, TAROT, Hot Stone Healing & Shaman Women.
Internet Radio – Today 5/22/09   click here to listen to show
Time: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Eastern

What is an Earth Wisdom Keeper? What are Sacred Stone Tablets?   What is a Shaman Woman?   What dynamic has licensed spiritualism created for the poor? What is the NATIVE path of Hot Stone Healing? What are Dream Message Songs? {FREE Black Hills Stone Wisdom & Prairie Tornado Tarot Readings follow Interview}, with Bunny Sings Wolf & Ann Marie. Call {347}326-9445

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Friday Morning: 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific

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Topics Ann Marie will Speak On

  • What do Angels & Master Guides look like. Or do they?
  • How to survive the Alone Times
  • Spiritual Cloaking to prevent and heal Sickness
  • The Office Bully {how to keep your spirit up at work! }

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