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SKYPE to SKYPE Recorded Psychic Readings

When ordering a Skype to Skype, face to face video reading,  you are in Ann Marie’s cyber office receiving a private  session.  You see each other, can laugh and get to the heart of your concern in a more bonding session.  After your recorded reading,  your session will be sent to your email address.  All readings, whether by Phone, Text or Skype, are paid in advance with Pay Pal, and scheduled in advance with Ann Marie.  And in answer to the title, ACCURACY is what counts, not the tool that’s used.


Online Phone or Skype Reading *

Here is an example of a Skype to Skype in person reading.  Ann Marie’s client gave full permission to publish this session.  Your privacy is sacred.  Videos are never published unless you give AUDIO permission.

37+ Yrs Experience

As a Certified Intuitive Light Worker since 1970, it is Ann Marie’s mission to aid in the answers and concerns of your life chapter through psychic phone, skype to skype, chat, or radio advice readings. Each one of us must go through what the Bible refers to as “the 40 days and 40 nights of the desert.” Constant life choices are presented before us. At times the burden is so heavy we are overwhelmed and these are the times we reach out for help and guidance from Light Workers.

It is Ann Marie’s belief  “The future is changeable with your wise actions and the guidance of your Angels and God.Ann Marie is an Intuitive friend along your journey. You will never be encouraged to be dependent on her and your privacy is sacred.

FACING FEAR: Love, Career, Spirit
Find inner peace for job interviews, dating, friendships and access  your highest dreams. An online Intuitive Counseling with Ann Marie offers a personal one to one feeling that you can play over and over.  Your session, Skype to Skype, is recorded and sent to your email address after your session.

Ann Marie’s Reading Options:
Psychic Phone, Text, Radio or Skype to Skype!
the future is changeable according to your wise actions!


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Amanda Dowel, Certified Healer, Medium and Medical Intuitive joins Ann Marie to give 2 Professional Readings per call.
WHEN: Wednesday May 12 : 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Pacific
Spirit Tea with Ann Marie * Call for  2 Free Reads per Show:  {888}235-7374

Bask in the warm joy of Amanda Dowel and Ann Marie in two down to earth intuitive readings per call. Amanda Dowel, listed in best physics, connects to Angel communication and mediumship with passed on loved ones. Ann Marie, Master Tarot Channeler since 1970, connects you with your greatest good on all things love, career or spirit.

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RADIO ANGEL READINGS * Love, Career, Spirit
TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Anxiety Attack Meditation Cure
Date / Time: Friday, 4/23/2010  11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00AM Central, 8:00AM Pacific
Call-in Number: (347) 326-9445

Photobucket Photobucket

Click on the coffee cup to hear the show!

Connect your Angel with Ann Marie’s for a reading on love,career, finances, family, pets and spirit. Have Anxiety Attacks? Tips for ending an anxiety attack at work.  Redesign your life by writing a movie script. Free Readings! 15,000+ client feed backs don’t lie about Ann Marie’s accuracy. Call {347}326-9445

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TIME: Wednesday * 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 7:30am Pacific


Show Name:

Goddess Sisters of Crone Hill * Master Tarot Readers {646}378-1981

Length: 1 hr
@Click the radio to hear the show@

Call 646-378-1981 for 2 free radio readings

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Sunday: January 17, 2010 from 1pm to 2pm
Location: Achieve Internet Radio
Website or Map: http://achieveradio.com/ann-m…
Phone: 888-235-7374
Event Type: free psychic radio readings

Event Description

High Psychic Accuracy, Fast Connection and a kind Sense of Humor are high points of Ann Marie’s 30+ Yrs Certified Master Tarot Readings. {Since 1970!} 15,000+ Client Testimonies point out her Angel Readings are honest, flow like silk and get to the point fast. REMEMBER! Ann Marie does not believe in fluff readings, which lead you to hanging on to hurtful situations. If your ready for the truth, Ann Marie encourages you to “fall into her arms.” Today’s Matinee: A haunting call leads to a visit to Lily’s Church Attic. 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pacific

Ann Marie has over 30 years Master Tarot Reading Exp.
For Free Sunday Radio Reading:  347-326-9445

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She was a real person with a beautiful voice.  She asked why her mother never looked at her, touched her and shunned her all her life.  She was a sounding board for her mothers past sexual abuse. We channeled a Past Life reading for a deeper understanding of her “Mother Mary”…

Click here to listen to the show “Mother Mary” {Madonna anti Christ}

  • After a short intro I follow with Sunday Matinee {an engineered theater skit} of Sam the Rose Wood wedding chapel proprietor rehearsing  a Christmas wedding.  Lily the attic Oprah singer ghost has a Deva attack sending the Wedding Arch to the floor followed by a most unusual visit in a sun tan bed . {All the voices are mine engineered in different pitches..and the sound effects and music are downloaded in.}
  • A New York business woman calls about an impending  Monday phone conference.  I disclose an “unpleasant job truth 3 months back in time” that will be brought up in the interview and be prepared. {Suddenly the radio conference board crashed.  After a spirited discussion on “Training Others How to Treat Us in 2010” the station calls came back.  And so did New York caller to agree quickly I was right about the unpleasant past situation.
  • One of the other fascinating callers was a daughter with an abusive mother, a victim of past sexual abuse.  Together we saw the Past Life Connection to “Mother Mary’s abuse, as well as her spiritual connection to her daughter, the caller.  So close spiritually and telepathically to her daughter was “Mother Mary,”  it was as if her past of abuse used her daughter as a helpless sounding board of silent rage.  Even in a Past Life reading, I am shown “Mother Mary” has been treated with abuse. We am reminded we sometimes hurt the ones we love most} “Mother Mary”, Compassionately, must be forgiven and the telepathic umbilical cord connection blocked between mother and daughter, to that of a normal sibling love with emotional boundaries.

Ann Marie O’Dell is an Intuitive Adviser with over 30 years Life Coaching.  After a brief  Matinee,  Ann Marie gives free psychic radio readings every Sunday on Achieve Radio.

Please click here for more details on Ann Marie O’Dell

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Sunday: 2:00 Pm Eastern, 1:00PM Central, 12:00PM Mountain, 11:00AM Pacific
Paranormal Theater * Psychic Survival Readings 888-235-7374
Welcome to the Crystal Coven & Lily the Ghost

Ann Marie and Ghostly “Lily” have Spiritual Tea on a stormy Sunday. Psychic Survival Readings on your Highway Crisis will be channeled on the Pink Chakra Psychic Line. Ann Marie speaks on “Obsessive Love, Why did he back off?” Call for your Free Sunday Reading: Toll Free US & Canada: 888-235-7374

Phoenix: 602-412-4949
International Listeners Skype Us FREE!

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