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Ann Marie’s Next Show: Sunday, December 20th, 2009

GUEST: Dyan Garris * Voice of the Angels
Visionary Mystic, Angel Card Artist, Musician & Intuitive Healer

Dyan Garris, visionary mystic and healer, is the Creator of a “Spiritual Toolbox” which includes a CD series of amazing music and meditation for healing, relaxation, Automatic Chakra Balance™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – Spiritual Journey Healing Cards. Hear her music, story and readings. Her soothing voice will entrance you! Dyan Garris explains how Angels and Spirit Guides are here for us right now and await permission to help us.

Psychic Theater Too!

 Lily the ghost travels the High Wires to greet guest, Dyan Garris, to bring her over the river and through the Prairie Woods for Christmas cookies at the Crystal Coven. {And what about those haunted antique velvet dresses hanging in the garage?}

  •   CALL IN # for Free Angel Reading: Toll Free: 1-888-235-7374
  •   TIME: 11:00AM Eastern, 12:00PM Mountain, 1:00PM Central, 2:00PM Eastern
  •   DAY: Sunday, December 20th, 2009


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    Click here to listen to Radio Breakfast Interview with Kevin Lewis

    “Coming out” for Gay men, women, embracing our Ying/Yang & Unconditional Love were deliciously summed up in one breakfast omelet with Kevin Lewis. You can almost hear the old whistling intro of the 70’s song “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” as Kevin explains: Judgment, Atlantis, helping a child to embrace who they are. Michael Jackson’s frozen childhood, Dan Choi’s nightmare with the service as a brilliant gay linguistic, Atlantis, Gay warriors and Kevin’s New Book, “”Coming Out”, the Road to Unconditional Love”

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    Internet Radio Channelings by Ann Marie O’Dell

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     Michael Jackson & Farah Faucett were channeled for messages from beyond through Tarot Channeling’s by Ann Marie. Their energy, still so fresh, was incredibly strong. Readings were smooth as silk and reverberated with very strong essence. Ann Marie, known as “The Velvet Hammer”, is a National Psychic Phone Adviser with 30+ yrs Tarot Channeling Exp. Lessons on how to Channel names, tell time frames and seasons in Tarot, as well as how to “go numb” as we read for others were given on this Psychic Radio Program. Belly dancing and sitar music were played at break.

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    DATE: Friday,  {Today!} June 5th, 2009
    TIME: 11:00Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:00am Pacific

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    Click on Psychic Artists picture to see his video on his Psychic Art Channeling

    George David Fryer of London is a spiritual artist and teacher. He offers portraits of your Past Life Spirit guides, which he sees from the corner of his eyes. The guides he channels forth through his portraits are of the next level of mastery and ready to help and assist your life’s quest. George has been featured in a number of spiritual magazines, and joins Ann Marie, an Angel Reader, for an interview on his special gift. What do your Angels need you to know? Don’t miss his fascinating video, as he draws Spirit Portraits on the streets of London.

    Topics Spoken On by George David Fryer

    • What is death?  Are we real?
    • Can we be haunted by our own future?
    • What is the 3rd dimension about?
    • What IS an “Ascended Master Guide” ?
    • How do the guides operate within us?
    • Are guides/angels drawn to like-energy physical forms?
    • What is “Angelic Hierarchy”?
    • Can a male/female have an opposite sex guide?
    • What guidance energy leads to serial killers?
    • Do different guides direct us at different times in life?
    • Describe the dynamics of guide energy in 2009, “Aquarius”
    • How do we pick up the energy thought forms of our guides?
    • What happens in the process of channeling through art ?
    • How may someone purchase a Spirit Portrait by George Fryer?

    Don’t miss ‘Psychic Artist” and teacher, George David Fryer.

    See George David’s Lecture Class U Tube

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