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Jan 18, 2012

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Dec 14, 2011

Want some Zen Gold? See with clarity the dynamics of your life. Expect soft wordage with direct honesty! Receive 37 yrs Master Tarot Reading experience, with 22,000 client feed backs. Ann Marie, a Rainbow Crone Wise Woman, is a member of Best Psychics Directory. Click on the rainbow TV to listen, or watch Ann Marie and Lily, the 100 yr old dress cage, live on Achieve TV.             888-235-7374
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Wednesday December 7, 2011
Live Achieve Web Cam Meditation with Ann Marie * Goddess Toilet Meditation will help you get in touch with your earth roots, crack a smile, and think when your on the pot next. Velvet Hammer Psychic, Ann Marie, excels in soft wordage with direct honesty.

Every Wednesday Live Web Cam Readings with Ann Marie, offer 37 yrs psychic reading experience with a portfolio of 22,000 client feed backs. Call 888-235-7374 and receive velvet hammer directness on your life or spiritual question. Each week a lesson starts the show. National and international guest speakers, authors and readers offer inspiration. Psychic Theater means you enter the show with your own unique sound clip. Lille, a 100 yr old dress cage, as well as various pet cats, cross the 1 hour web cam show. Join Annie’s spiritual family won’t you? Every Wednesday at Achieve Radio: 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific

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Nov 30, 2011

Listed in Best Psychics Directory, in service to the light for over twenty years, raised a devoted Illinois Catholic, Katie Starnes has been connecting with guides, loved ones and the energy of beloved pets upon her metaphysical spiritual awakening at the loss of a brother at 9. Host and Master Tarot Reader 37 yrs, Ann Marie, joins for 2 readings per call.             888-235-7374       Listen or Watch LIVE on Achieve TV.  Click on the little rainbow TV on Achieve page
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Just when you have your life comfortably in a routine, and every day life anxieties  are overcome, along come the holidays.  Will you loose your stability, or embrace the day?

Some see the holidays as a grueling Russian roulette on icy roads to see family, or stranded in weather blocked air ports with a back pack. Others see the days of Thanksgiving and Christmas as beautiful.  It’s an incredibly lonely time with out family, and it becomes painfully aware how we may have managed to cut ourselves off from every one cherished. Those that are single family members may see themselves amongst a sea of analyzing relatives.   All in all, we can avoid these head trips!  Stop feeding into them.  I have a new take on the Christmas Star.    Just travel your wilderness of the soul a little bit over your comfort zone.   Within reason, avoid your personal paranoia and reach out to connect.


Maybe its time to ask your self by ignoring loved ones, including old friends, have you shot down your own shining star? Is it it time to breath, grab the phone, and call someone you value? Have you lost track of a best friend, sister or brother, or parent? Is it time to just send out a howdy and some gratitude? Doesn’t have to be that long of a call. Just an effort to end an old fight that no longer matters, or send some love and reconnect.  Yes I know, why NOW?  Whats any different about the holidays?  I say to You, “Well if not now, WHEN?”  Here is your chance.


Isn’t the value of the Christmas star really about placing value on “roots” “honor” and “praise.” And no, I am not talking about jumping up and down and shouting Hallelujah. I’m talking about balancing your life with connections that you have let get away from you. Follow that star! Look in your phone book, an old address book or Yellow Pages. You just might find a piece of heaven in “stabilizing” someones fear you have forgotten them. And you will feel good too.


What if an old dispute erupts? Place your hand over your mouth and keep from blurting. Honor, praise, bond. Some call this “killing with kindness”. Its about putting your own personal interests, politics, and defenses away. If it gets out of hand, smile, hang up or walk away. But keep your cool. Follow that star.


Its a strange thing that the charity of giving gifts has caused more fights, critical comparison, and long lasting financial crisis. Its as if the gifts intended to honor become the catalyst of hurt, fights and misery. And even though the majority of us are not in the same place we were when America was rolling in wealth, and this dynamic should change, it doesn’t. In truth, a gift to a friend alone, with out the witness of others, makes a more bonding experience. The watchful eye of judgement is omitted.


* Avoid Holiday Paranoia, put a hand over your mouth when you feel the need to lash out
* Put the emphasis on “Honor” and getting along.
* Avoid subjects of ego, or boasting.  Listen instead.
* Do not preach. Again, this is ego. Who needs it?
* Call an old friend and if possible, have coffee or dinner together
* Put an end to a pointless squabble, compassionately. {Don’t point fingers!} It doesn’t matter.
* If you are alone, contribute an hour to a shelter and watch the gratitude.

Let the star of peace shine above your tribal circle, and let PEACE be your angel.

Ann Marie O’Dell *  Master Tarot Guide since 1970 * Published Author



Honoring the Season of Woman, Ann Marie excels in psychic readings on the transformations of women, from Maiden to “Sarah Moses” Crone.  All subjects of romance, life, career and spirit are welcome.


With a portfolio of over 22,000+ client web testimonies, Ann Marie assures clients that her readings will be honest and up front.  Her soft wordage with direct honesty has earned her the name “the velvet hammer.” Please remember Ann Marie will not sugar coat, but allow the angel messages within, to flow freely.

As the proprietor of half an acre of fairy gardens, Ann Marie’s studio is on a tree canopied lane.  Here she works as an Intuitive Life Coach, also excelling in hypnotherapy in sync with the calming properties of warm basalt stones.

Her newest book, “Gardens of the Sisterhood”, is a study on creating mystical gardens to enhance spiritual shop energy and the vibrational ability to attract like minded spiritualists.



In my journey through the stages of maiden, mother and crone, I have expressed my spirit through lush windows of plants and the gardens around me. Gardens symbolically express the 3 stages of womanhood: the preparation of the soil, fertile seed planting and bloom, followed by harvest. I have found that wind chimes represent the spiritual voice, and that even in a small Bible Belt town how you define your mission through your garden can bring loving acceptance by all.


In the name of the garden, spiritual meditation sanctuaries, a place to cry, heal, spirit circles, walks on pathways of herbs and creative soul communication, I create gardens.   It is my hope through the dreamy photographs and suggestions in this book for creating a mystical spiritual sanctuary, you will be inspired to be the stunning light worker shop that stands out, or the spiritualist that brings peace to everyone that walks or drives by your unique and calming garden entrance.  It starts with a dream and a shovel.

Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood * Featured in Atlanta at the Hay House “I Can Do It!” Book Expo

Gardens of the Sisterhood Thumbnail

Intuitive, Healer, Minister, Achieve Radio Host – Ann Marie O’Dell *

It all started with a 500 lb cement angel brought in on a boom truck. With tarot, a dream and a shovel Ann Marie entered into the spirit realm of garden design. Suddenly amazing women paraded into her life, all with unique magical gardens.  As the proprietor of an unusual metaphysical tea house in Iowa, her half acre of mystical fairy gardens are the back bone and unique bliss of her Intuitive Light Work studio.



As a little girl I watched my mother float through the flowers as if in a trance, escaping her work, bills and husband through the design of her paint-by-spirit gardens.  Because she wanted this escape for me, in a bonding of the “planting of the seed” she brought a deep mystical union with the earth. Whether in lush apartment windows, out door shade and sun, or the eave of a spiritual shop, I learned to appreciate a beautiful display of plants as “Art”.


As a mother I became passionate about teaching my child the beauty of walking  pathways of fragrant herbs and flowers.  It was not enough to escape through the garden when feeling broken or in need of guidance. I wanted to pass the art of being a steward of the earth.  Gardens have no preference of social income. Rich or poor, one’s essence can be defined in the  garden.  As a mother I watched my child play surrounded by heady botanical aromas, toes in the snow peas.

THE CRONE {Wise Woman}

Gone is the twisted gnarled image of grandmothers.  We teach a new wisdom, that facial lines are the hieroglyphics of ones life story, and that the vase they adorn need not be unfit.  Through exercise, wholesome food and spirituality, the crone shares a new wisdom.  She teaches life lessons, shares interesting stories and in her bouts of expected aches she can tell her journey through the garden with art.  “Less is more” can be the beauty of a sculpture surrounded by simple daises, or trellis fairy huts filled with bells and crystals for dreamy children.

Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood.

On Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio
Wednesday October 12th, 2011 / Call 888-235-7374

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Autumn Transformation Readings with Master Channels, Georgia Jean and Ann Marie, at Tarot Joy.
Georgia Jean, featured on ABC NIGHTLINE – BEYOND BELIEF, is a member of Best Psychic Directory with over 25 yrs psychic channeling on Soulmates and attracting Prosperity. She joins for 2 readings per call with Ann Marie, Master Tarot Channel 30+ Yrs.

Georgia Jean has over 25 years of study in tarot, metaphysical and healing practices. Her specialty is calling in the essence of SOULMATES and ATTRACTING PROSPERITY. Frequently connecting with the energy of crossed over relatives and friends as part of her sessions, she offers practical advice on how to proceed with life decisions. Get insight on relationship dynamics with LOVERS, FAMILY MEMBERS, a BOSS or FRIEND.

Georgia Jean is a frequent guest on radio shows, MYTH OR LOGIC and ILLUMINATIONS RADIO, and hosts a weekly show, SOURCE ENERGY RADIO. Featured on ABC NIGHTLINE – BEYOND BELIEF series, Georgia Jean joins Ann Marie for Autumn Transformation Readings. Call 888-235-7374


Channeling Tarot like little TVs onto your romance, life and dreams, Ann Marie has given professional live advice since 1970. Ann Marie offers warm kitchen table Intuitive Advice with 37+ years Angel Reading experience, with 22,000+ internet feed backs. Nicknamed “the velvet hammer” because of her soft wordage and direct honesty, think of Ann Marie as your “Psychic Madge” at the “Metaphysical Down Home Bread Café.”