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Ann Marie & Lily the Ghost offer tea & Angel Counseling.   Tornado winds blow & Lily’s rocking chair squeeks, as Ann Marie discusses the lonely path of those “too kind”.   Ann Marie, a Certified Master Tarot Reader 38 yrs, has over 13,000 client feedbacks at Keen.   Click to see Ann Marie’s Intuitive Feedback

Today’s DiscussionEven Jesus took a Bitch Pill, Remember your “solo” mate, Al-anon, Art, Psychic Readings,  Does a true channeler use tools? Lily the ghost, color vibration, Bunny Sings Wolf music,


Are you feeling totally frustrated that your kindness is not appreciated? 


  •   Why is it that your open easy compassion sucks in wounded birds that leave  you?   
  • Ever notice how those with most friends are often the ones that make people earn their respect? 
  • It is important to remember that friends, children and even pets need boundaries. 
  •  Being  too kind can be seen as needy or weak.  
  •  Jesus knew how to place boundaries.  His decuples earned his love and respect. 
  • Let the rules be broken and Jesus was capable of throwing chicken crates in anger. 
  •  Isn’t  it time you too set boundaries?  
  • Join the tornado winds, and Prairie wisdom of Ann Marie & Lily
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Friday Morning Psychic Counseling on Romance, Career and Life.

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Friday 3/6: 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central, 8:00 AM Pacific

Ann Marie, an Acclaimed Tarot Channeler, will give Free Angel Readings on romance, career & all things life. Read Palms! Palmistry lessons for entertaining at Summer Parties will be given. 347-326-9445

As warm weather comes apon us, as well as financial recovery, what better time to become the entertainment of up and coming summer parties? Yes! You can be a Palmistry Deva! Ann Marie will give you Palmistry Basics on reading at your next summer gathering. Everyone loves a Palm Reading …and its a great way to make friends and have interesting dates.
Call for Free Reading: {347} 326-9445
11:00 am Eastern, 10:00 AM Central, 8:00 AM Pacific


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