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Energy Readings * Paths for Personal Empowerment
Feb 23, Wednesday 6:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Pacific
For energy radio reading call: 888-235-7374

Feb 23, 2011

The magic of synchronicity. What energy and events are calling for you? Call Master Tarot Guide, Ann Marie for a personal radio reading. Your Angels are Speaking to you. Hear them? Call 888-235-7374
Time 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
6:00PM Eastern, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Pacific
Cost The magic of synchronicity. What energy and events are calling for you? Call Master Tarot Guide, Ann Marie for a personal radio reading. Your Angels are Speaking to you. Hear them?
Location Achieve Radio
Internet Radio Program
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Contact Call 888-235-7374

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Victoria Lanakila, Island Mystic & Healer joins  

Ann Marie for Readings & Spirit Tea

Call 888-235-7374 to be soothed and inspired with meditation and 2 readings per call!

Hear the sultry voice of Victoria Lanakila as she leads in soothing meditation and readings. Host and Master Tarot Channneler, Ann Marie, joins for 2 readings per call. Light your path with Victoria Lanakila.

Lana was here to sooth us through the oil spill crisis with meditation. She returns again to sooth our sorrows with meditation on the return of @Instant Gratification Philosophy@, Puritan denial of Gay Rights and the demand for children to have full term babies with the new Republican Tea Party take over. Don’t miss out on 2 message readings per call just for you!

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Ann Marie, known also as “SisterOthelia”, has been an Intuitive Adviser for over 30 years and psychic phone counselor since 1999. Believing in the teachings of Jesus, wisdom of Buddha, Ann will balance and give strategy on the joy, struggles and tears of your life journey through what the Bible calls “the 40 days and 40 nights of the wilderness.” Ask on Love, Career, Monthly Finances, Spiritual Unrest and Pets.

  • I will not judge you.
  • Your reading is confidential.
  • I will be truthful, but tactful.
  • I will admit when I`m over my head, and refer you to qualified sources.
  • I won`t play God and predict death or life span.
  • I am a spiritual guide only, and will not encourage you to be dependent..
  • Your path with `God’ is your own.


Reading the cards as if little TVs onto your life since 1970, just give your first name for a compassionate Angel Channeling.

  • Remember the mark of a good reader is not to tell you information that is too good to be true, which leads good people to hang on to bad situations.
  • Subjects on love, career, family, spirit, creative aspiration, finances or pets welcome.
  • Be amazed, cleared, and loved by Ann Marie.


Too busy to talk in person? Ann Marie will answer a 4 question Email Reading:
4 Question, 4 Paragraph

  • Email Reading = 40.00 {4 question, 4 paragraph reading}
  • Photograph Email Reading = 45.00 {Attach a photograph. Ann will channel the energy and vibrations around it, ….alive or passed on. ** 4 Questions, 4 Paragraphs.}

    Dyan’s notes: Ann Marie is quick and very detailed. In our interview she knew exactly what was going on in my life without me telling her, and made accurate predictions which have already come to pass.

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May 28, 2010

Goddess Empowerment * Master Tarot Readings with Ann Marie O’Dell an Intuitive Adviser since 1970. Live Psychic Advice on love, career, creativity and spiritual unrest. BOUNDARIES: Even Jesus took a Bitch Pill…Are You too Nice? Get a Memorial Weekend Mental Tune Up 347-326-9445
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Free Radio Reading: {347}326-9445
Time 10:00 AM Central
11:00AM Eastern, , 9:00AM Mountain, 8:00A Pacific
Location Internet Psychic Radio
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Contact Ann Marie O’Dell

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Jan 31, 2010
SUNDAY: Its Rainbow Shaman Women Day for 3 Radio Readings per call at Achieve Radio. Victoria Lanakila, {Grand Master Reiki Intuitive} and Mary Kresky, {Grand Master Reiki Angel Healer}, join Ann Marie O’Dell, Master Tarot Reader for a show honored to the Voice of the Wise Woman. Male or female, you are invited for 3 readings per call! Its Sunday Internet Radio!

Call 888-235-7374

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Time 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
1 Hr Internet Show
Cost Free Grand Master Long Distance Healing and Angel Readings
Location Internet Psychic Radio
Achieve Radio
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Contact Ann Marie O’Dell

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click here to listen to the show
10:30 am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 7:30am Pacific

A and A are two wild and funny professional intuitives and energy workers with over 80 yrs of experience between them. They love giving away one free hour a week of double readings to anyone who calls in. Use your free Skype program to call in and the call is free!

For private  reading on love, career, strategy, pets, spirit & life call {646}378-1981

click here to reach us for private reading after the show

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Today! 11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 8:0am Pacific

Click here to listen to show

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Wake up Lost? Get a calming Psychic Reading with Master Tarot Counselor, Ann Marie. Ask about love, career, strategy, dreams, spirit or just add to the converstaion. Navigate your spiritual ship back on coarse. Call on the Pink Chakra Healing line {347}326-9445.

Ann Marie – National Intuitive Advisor 30+ Yrs.

Is Intuition Knocking you in the Head?

You woke up with the strangest kind of feeling. As if Intuition were knocking you in the head, you are wildly trying to understand what it is you are supposed to know! Like the term “it’s on the tip of my tongue,” you feel a profound message has been delivered to you over night….”it’s on the tip of your consciousness.” You don’t know whether to be scared, worried or joyful. Something has changed. Most of all you would love for someone to take a peek into the meaning of a dream, an anxiousness or excitement within you. OK. Get it? Call Ann Marie. The cyber coffee’s on.

For FREE Psychic sample reading {347}326-9445

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