He came into our lives one year exactly after we lost  our white wolf and Golden Retriever.  I still cry and imagine them running together, as much in love as two dogs can be.  Muzzle to muzzle they touched in joy,  even dying  3 months of each other, first Jazz, the Chinook, from a broken heart.  He listened for her bark constantly when she was gone, and sometimes wagged his tail as he gazed at empty space across the room. 

So when the call came one Sunday afternoon after a mini tornado swept through a near by town, I was scared to bring it up to my hubby.  “Honey, ready for another dog?”

“Annie” the voice on the other end of the line said.  “We have a storm displacement dog out here in front of the convenience store.  He’s real friendly but no one has a place for him.  Can you take him?”  My husband picked up like radar the look in my eyes, and yelled “No Annie”.  He had his heart set on a Schnauzer.    I whispered in the phone, “Bring him tomorrow morning when my husband is asleep”.

“Can’t Annie.  He needs a home now.  We’ll bring him over.”  A click on the other end of  the line, I realized that was that.  I said nothing to Kevin. Within 5 minutes a red truck pulled up in front of the house with a Brittney Spaniel/ Pit Bull mix in the back.  “He’s here!” I shouted.  “WHAT?” Kevin yelled.  “Annie I can’t tell you anything!”

The truck door creaked open, the sound of a leash dragging on metal followed by a dog bouncing out of the back end and there he was.  A true blue hunting dog, robust, with brown sparkly eyes, rust and white painted pony coat, a little stiff in the hind legs, pulled ahead of a man in a ball cap walking to our door.

As he approached us the man said, “I`d have taken him myself but don’t have the room for him.  Seems like a nice dog.”  As if in agreement, the dog looked up at us  with humor in his eyes.  It was as if he had known us forever and just wanted to know where his old room was.  He seemed to be older, and had one canine tooth missing in front.  When he saw our herd of displaced cats coming towards him in welcome, he lunged for a corner of the room and began to shake violently.   “Well thank you for taking him.  Casey’s sent a pizza certificate to give you for taking him off their hands.”  We said our goodbyes, Kevin remaining a little reserved.  I am sure he was somebodies hunting dog, probably tied to a tree his whole life, terrorized by wild felines and loud commanding male voices.  Who knows what funnel plopped him in front of the smell of fresh baked donuts at the Convenience store in Early, Iowa.

We named him “Tazer”for his boundless energy. His similarity to a hyper talk show host was uncanny. He spun circles, flirted and looked over his shoulder at us, tapped my computer for treats, won our hearts immediately, and before long my husband had found the dog of his dreams, matching his work out manly man energy.  Tazer was a rugged dog that begged one’s survival skills to carry a rifle and immediately hunt game. Except Kevin and I save animals, never killed them. Apologetically, to pacify Tazer’s great hunting needs, when he skillfully staked out prey, I made a gun shot sound effect with my mouth. “BAM!” 

“REALLY?  THAT’S IT?” He seemed to say. 

Eventually Tazer realized a warm house, loving cats, and a continuous adoring audience were the trade off for hunting.    So much did he prefer this life style  that any time he was put in the fenced in back yard, he began to panic and ram his head  into the door.   Our devoted love, and our black Cocker Spaniel’s adoration, as well as the purring cats that allowed him to sniff their butt, became his Heaven.  In the mean while, in great panic, I ran behind him, saving the game he stalked, screaming “NO TAZER NO!”  I am sure any red blooded red neck hunter would have been horrified.

As one big happy family we drove together, walked together, laughed together, Tazer always the light of our eyes and filling the house with laughter and comedy.  Once again an animal angel had come into out lives, rescued our tomb quiet environment and exercised us daily.


Today, 6:00am in the morning, our sparkly eyed, 100 mile an hour Brittney Pitt dog lies exhausted, unable to walk, in the back porch.  I sit beside him, cross legged, as thunder rolls outside.  We are watching the world through the screen door one last time together.  He can no longer climb the stairs into the house and he is so heavy I can’t carry him.  One toothache and he is slipping from us fast, as he is too old for surgery, the Dr’s say.  But now he dies anyway as the poison flows all through his body, further traumatizing his heart murmur.  The price of adapting a senior dog, is the short amount of time you have together.  Tazer sleeps, looks tired and worried.  He knows he is dying but his huge strength refuses to let go.  Its just not his way.  We have hauled his heavy body up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom, and now he collapses on walks after only a few steps.  We sit with him until he is ready to take a few more steps.

We drive to the vet at 10:00. Kevin is at the drivers wheel, and I lie in the back of the jeep with Tazer.  He has no more fight.  At this point he is beginning to have spasms in his back legs.  Kevin parks in front of the vets office and carries his 90 pound Brittney like a baby in his arms protectively.  We lay a blanket on the metal table, to give him a sense of warm home.  The Dr gives Tazer a relaxer first, and shuts the door so that we can be with our buddy as he gratefully, finally, can rest.  We both stroke his beautiful rust and white fur and see clearly he is comfortable.  We are asked to leave the room before they give Tazer the second shot, but we know he will pass immediately.  Five minutes later we are told we can come back in to see him as he lies peacefully on the table.  We have asked to have Tazer cremated so that his ashes can be buried with our other beloved pets passed on from age or accidental death, which we bury around a 12 foot maple tree carved into a ring of wolves.

Quietly we drive home, and Kevin disappears to take a last walk, alone, around the foot ball field in memory of  Tazer.  I light a white candle, and wait for the flame to burn out, when Tazer reaches Rainbow Bridge.

Never Let Self Pity say “I’m Not Ready”

I know that Tazer, like each of our displacement animals, was an animal angel.  The test is, when a loss  happens, will we wallow in self pity and say “I’m not ready yet,” to  turn a cold shoulder on the next homeless animal that needs our love? I believe when there is a death in the family, we send silent reverberations to the Universe that our Canine brethren can hear or feel.  There will be another animal angel at our door in time.  Until that day, we wait and remember our sweet Tazer.


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As an artist, psychic, teacher, and poet Queens powerful words ring with truth, exquisite coffee house energy and a touch of the Egyptian Nile. Reclaim your beat with a reading by Uokes Ra Queen and Ann Marie. 888-235-7374


Watch your reading LIVE AS IT HAPPENS: http://velvethammer.tv

Its been said that parallel time dimensions may be happening simultaneously at the same moment in a ripple effect. “The past, present and future are all one” as Einstein put it. Its hard to imagine that as we sit in our favorite lawn chair in our garden sipping iced tea, a dinosaur may be walking through us in a rain forest, mega sharks may be swimming in an ocean, a Native American village of tee pees may be standing in a circle, … and just like houses that attract like-minded people, so does the land carry energy and personality. Like = Like.
  • For instance, that party house down the street always seems to be swarming with police, no matter who moves in.
  • the house across the way may attract sickness or accidental death, even though its entirely new families moving in. Why?
  • the house to the East, where gardens flourish, seems to attract nurturers. Like = Like. It’s as if the land energy is choosing us.
  • Eons of historical events have left their mark in the energy of the land. So Intuitive Gardening is the art of “Reading your land” for messages, before forcing your will.
  • Intuitive gardening is compassionate gardening.
On a beautiful day alone, or with like-minded friends, lay Tarot, Runes or hold a Pendulum over the area you wish to garden. Ask questions that are relevant to your garden spirit. Again, whether you use tools, drums or channel alone, is not important. It is the act of reaching out to “know” your land. Questions you may ask are:
  • What is the energy of this earth spot?
  • What is the message and tone of your history?
  • Are you happy? Sad? Peaceful?
  • If you could tell me anything, what would it be?
  • Is it acceptable for me to plant here?
  • If I put representative statuary here, of what energy would you prefer it to “represent” in honor of you?


Is your garden speaking to you? Are you listening? Signs of garden spirit discontent are:

  • Quality plants die for no reason,despite perfect growing conditions.
  • Chimes fall from the hooks you anchor them, and new trees pop out of their growing supports as if running away.
  • Your legs feel heavy and you suddenly become tired.
  • Your garden tools fall apart.
  • Fights and bickering with loved ones erupt when close to your garden.


  • Increased Business and Money Flow
  • Tranquil Meditation Sanctuary experiences
  • Wonderful spiritual circles where people are drawn magnetically.
  • Healthy thriving plants, brilliant foliage colors
  • Your land spirit will resonate as an Ali protector to aid in bringing in creative friends.
  • Your garden Spirit purrs like a cat, in a silent call only you can hear. Experience the balance of your Alpha waves, and an invitation to use your garden as a blank canvas in which to create your life story to find peaceful resolve.
  • Garden Spirit does not walk up to you like a person, but fills your heart and soul. Visitors, whether plant savoy or not, will experience a shimmer, order, balance and power.


Ground Messages through Spiritual Tools: Before creating a mystical garden space, I use a deck of Tarot in the same way a water stick finds a well. Placing the cards on the ground I envision the meditation sanctuary, and channel the lands vital spiritual message. • Alone, or with wine and like minded friends, you may wish to use a quartz crystal pendulum for receiving and amplifying ground energy. • You may spread rune stones on a cloth above the chosen mystical meditation space for a message. • A ceremony honoring the earth, much in the way Native Americans gave thanks to the animals they hunt for food, shows honor to the ground. • You may choose to say a ceremony prayer such as, “Holy Goddess and Angels, mother of earth, mother of us all, guide my heart and mind as I interpret the Land’s message to me.”

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Psychic, author and trance musician, Joseph Grynch, reads with a soothing voice and sensitive style that you will love! Call 888-235-7374

Ann Marie is a Certified Master Tarot life coach with over 30 yrs reading experience.  Listed with Best Psychic Directory, Ann Marie gives direct readings with soft wordage. 

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Wednesday March 14th, 2012 * 6:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Central, 3:00pm Pacific
Channeling Rachael – A Live Body/Soul Channeling. 1 Hr. Interview on Tarot Joy.
Certified Therapist, Greg Nooney, breathes into and speaks on air, the collective consciousness wisdom of “Rachael.” Ann Marie conducts the 1 hour interview questions.

Certified therapist, mediator and Social Work trainer, with universities Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina, Greg Nooney has presented numerous workshops and teaches the experience of Channeling. Today he shares the process of breathing into the collective consciousness and wisdom of Rachael.


Its a funny thing about tuning into your intuition. Sometimes you have no idea what you are getting in to. One minute you are aiding the dying through the steps of crossing over, to the next, helping them walk the other side, and then whats this? Hello! Its Rachel. And here is the thing. We may say ….”Ahhhh come on. Now your kidding me right?” But its the profound wisdom that comes through the channeling, that speaks of something extraordinarily unique happening. Whether we believe that the wisdom comes from an energy source, such as “Rachel”, or from the wisdom of the channeler,  specifically, Greg Nooney, really doesn’t matter. Its how the information touches us personally.  I invite you personally to listen to Greg Channel, before passing judgement.


1} Explain “Rachael Consciousness”.  In your journey as a “Spirit Walker” to the other side, in the past, where, when and how did Rachel come through?

2} Explain what Toxic Thoughts are

3} what are the dynamics of an “old way” thinker

4} what are the dynamics of a “new way” thinker

5} {from our last interview together} what is a Feeder? How do we react towards them?

AT THIS POINT GREG WILL PROCEED TO BREATH AND TONE INTO THE ENERGY OF ” RACHAEL”. The rest of the questions will be asked of her, through Greg.

6} the bible says that in final days, many will be prophets, many will follow, and many will be led astray.  What do we look for within ourselves, to determine the authenticity of the message we hear, so that we may follow in true light?  {The Egyptians call this the time of the “Golden Cobra”,  and that as warfare and greed took over in ancient days, the golden cobra {spiritually speaking} coiled within the ground…WHERE AS  In this new age, the Golden Cobra, {spiritually speaking} rises, to see with “third eye” “awareness” and “spiritual understanding”.  I see the similarities in “little spirals creating vortexes through the densities of the planet.”   PLEASE EXPLAIN FURTHER: the ENERGY OF THE SPIRITUAL FUEL OF THESE VORTEXES.

7} Is it possible for “old way” thinkers, and “new way” thinkers to on the same earth?  And if so, is the dynamic of fear, anger and toxic emotion destroying the peace between them, created by THE WAY we teach and share?

8} as light workers, and spiritualists, what is our responsibility to the New Earth?

9} is there anything else you need us to know?


Do you have Astrology Sign Prejudice? Does your lip curl at the thought of a specific sign? Do you pine for romance,  only to back out with a scream when you realize your potential partner is not your compatible sign? Oh Oh! Well here’s the thing. One + One + One = 3. Not to mention that in school, Grade Points, A + C = B-.  When you have a professional Natal Birth Chart you realize that each of us is a conglomerate of three astrological signs, not just one, as newspapers and magazines have led us to believe.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 Birth Sign + Ascending Sign + Moon Sign.

The end result is a mixture of  3 Astrology Sign personality traits,  per person, which explains why one couple, or set of friends with seemingly opposing birth signs, may get along beautifully!    The combination of each persons Sun,  Ascending and Moon signs,  smooths out the rough edges perfectly!  And thus a Natal Birth Chart explains the strange stew and unique personality traits we each carry.  When requesting a Natal Birth Chart for you, your children, lover or friend have the following information:

  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

It is always a good idea in order to find this information, to hire a professional astrologer for the best possible and most detailed Natal Birth Chart Reading.  Whether you do your own Natal Chart by a soft ware program, or by a professional astrologist that can interpret more quickly and in detail, is all up to you.



Consider the Next Newspaper or Magazine astrology column you read as a joke.

You can not group one race or religion, and say that every one will have the same personality or likes and interests.  Nor can you assume that all people born under one Astrology Sign will.  Once you realize this, you will be less likely to take column astrology seriously, nor look at these general readings the same.

  • Be cautious of Psychic Readers asking you for the day you were born.
  • They are using your birthday sign, as the main focus to base the rest of your reading.
  • Remember!  Your birthday sign is only a Small Part of who you are.


Photobucket                Photobucket

At Achieve Radio our Astrologers take Your Reading very seriously.  You will be asked not only for the Day, but your Birth Time, and Place, before an Astrology reading is given to you.   Wednesday, February 1st, Eric Linter, professional International Master Astrologer, { who studied under the Grand Madam of all Astrology, Late Isabelle M. Hickey,} will be giving his charming assessment of your Spring 2012.  Joining Eric, is show Host and Master Tarot Channel, Ann Marie O’Dell,  who will put the frosting on the cake of your reading with extra details based on only your first name.

FEBRUARY 1ST, WEDNESDAY, 2012, 6:00pm Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific

Live Astrology Readings with Eric Linter, International Consultant and Ann Marie     888-235-7374

Feb 01, 2012

You will love Eric’s sunny voice and attitude as he reads with Master Tarot Channel, Ann Marie, for 2 readings per call. Get Accuracy, Honesty and Compassion. After earning a BFA at Boston University, Eric Linter studied astrology and the esoteric arts with the renowned Grande Dame of American astrologers, Isabel M. Hickey. Ann Marie, Master Tarot Channel 30+ yrs, joins for 2 free reads per call for you!
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What is it that makes us want to be near someone that smells good, or causes us to spend twice as much money when surrounded by a cloud of soothing emotional scent?  Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Jesus with her hair dipped in scented oils.  On the opposite spectrum, a fearful situation of rape or mugging, will forever be latched in our memories with the aromas and smells surround us at the time.  “The smell of fear” is often spoken of.   The luscious aroma of two pheromone attracted people can lead to marriage and life long relationships.  The smell of puppies and children send us into waves of hugs. And of course who can deny the smell of wonderful food pouring from a restaurant vent as we pass by on the city streets?


Aroma Therap[y Pictures, Images and Photos

Rarely will you walk into a spiritual healing shop that is not filled with the smell of herbs or oils.  There is a specific aroma for every emotion of man.  And the power of this aroma can create relaxation in healing, as well as fill spiritual seekers with trust, nurturing and calm.  The very first emotion that visitors will experience as they walk into our homes and shops, is triggered by what you chose to represent “YOU” in the dwelling.  Its a personal thing.


Our guests will be from the Healing Room of John and Amanda, who work with Angel Therapy and Scented Anointment.  Oh!  And Tuesday the therapy dog will be visiting as well.  Amanda will join Ann Marie for 2 readings per call.  An interview with John and Tuesday the dog will also be included!

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Jan 25, Wednesday, 2012 : 6:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Central, 3:00pm Pacific

From the Zen calm within that shines like gold, channel 30+ yrs, Ann Marie, will aid in stopping the Boomerang of Pain; and Affirm your Creative Change. Guest Amanda Dowel, will discuss readings and anointment, and the mystical power the right kind of oil used on you, your home and shop business, can create emotionally within.
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